© Stephen Chin, Johan Vos and James Weaver 2019
S. Chin et al.The Definitive Guide to Modern Java Clients with JavaFXhttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-4926-0_2

2. JavaFX Fundamentals

Stephen Chin1 , Johan Vos2 and James Weaver3
Belmont, CA, USA
Leuven, Belgium
Marion, IN, USA

Written by Gail Anderson and Paul Anderson

With the Java SDK and JavaFX installed on your system, let’s create some applications and explore the fundamentals of JavaFX. First, we’ll describe the basic structure of a JavaFX application along with selected features that make JavaFX a powerful choice for modern clients. We’ll show you how to create UIs that are appealing and responsive. We’ll look at FXML, the XML-based markup language that lets you define and configure ...

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