Various typographical conventions have been used in this book, as follows:

• Normal assembly program codes:MOV  R0, R1  ; Move data from Register R1 to Register R0

• Assembly code in generalized syntax; items inside < > must be replaced by real register names:MRS   <reg>, <special_reg>

• C program codes:for (i=0;i<3;i++) { func1(); }

• Pseudocode:if (a > b) { ...

• Values:

1. 4'hC, 0x123 are both hexadecimal values

2. #3 indicates item number 3 (e.g., IRQ #3 means IRQ number 3)

3. #immed_12 refers to 12-bit immediate data

• Register bits:Typically used to illustrate a part of a value based on bit position; for example, bit[15:12] means bit number 15 down to 12.

• Register access types are as follows:

1. R is Read only

2. W is Write ...

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