Example Linker Script for CodeSourcery G++

F.1 Example Linker Script for Cortex-M3

The following linker script is modified from a generic linker script included in CodeSourcery G++ Lite (generic-m.ld), which is the target for Cortex™-M3 processors. This linker script assumes that the CS3 start up sequence and vector table is used, and therefore, it is toolchain specific. For other GNU C compilers, please refer to the documentation and examples provided in the package.

[cortexm3.ld – Used in Example 5 and Example 6 of Chapter 19]

/* Linker script for generic-m
* Version:Sourcery G++ Lite 2009q1-161

* BugURL:

* Copyright 2007, 2008 CodeSourcery, Inc.
* The authors hereby grant permission to use, ...

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