Alerting on latency-related issues

We'll use the go-demo-5 application to measure latency, so our first step is to install it.

 1  GD5_ADDR=go-demo-5.$ 2
 3  helm install \
 4    0.0.1/go-demo-5-0.0.1.tgz \
 5      --name go-demo-5 \
 6      --namespace go-demo-5 \
 7      --set$GD5_ADDR

We generated an address that we'll use as Ingress entry-point, and we deployed the application using Helm. Now we should wait until it rolls out.

 1  kubectl -n go-demo-5 \
 2      rollout status \
 3      deployment go-demo-5

Before we proceed, we'll check whether the application is indeed working correctly by sending an HTTP request.

 1  curl "http://$GD5_ADDR/demo/hello"

The output should be the familiar hello, ...

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