Diagrammatic representation of two heads one with empty box and another with a filled box and a dotted line connecting two heads, which symbolizes cybersecurity skill gap.

We need more cybersecurity workers. The proliferation of automation and artificial intelligence gives rise to a peculiar and ironic trope: “Digital technology is eliminating jobs,” a refrain echoed across numerous articles, op-eds, and blogs.

But there is ample evidence that the innovations in AI and automation are driving greater value and opportunity for human insight and expertise, not less. In my view, technology is creating jobs, not erasing them. Many of those jobs remain vacant.

In no area is that more apparent than cybersecurity—where there are far more jobs than people to fill them. The unemployment rate in the field of cybersecurity is holding steady at zero percent, with no indicators that it will change—quite the opposite, in fact.

Each year, one million new cybersecurity jobs are created. Estimates project an increase to 5 or 6 million over the next few years. Recently, there was a 74 percent growth in cybersecurity job postings. Half of those positions went unfilled.

As the premium on cybersecurity ...

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