Moving the Smoke

The scene is coming alive, but there is a discordant note: the smoke from the chimneys doesn’t move, and it looks painted on the sky. An advanced technique will add motion to the plumes.

Fractal Noise

Add a new black solid just above the Smoke layer by choosing Layer  New  Solid. Make it the same size as the comp, and name the solid FractalNoise. With the layer selected, choose Effect  Noise & Grain  Fractal Noise. Doing so creates a big cloud of chunky noise that you’ll use to displace and move the smoke (Figure 13-37). Move the solid with the Fractal Noise effect applied to it down in the Timeline so it’s just above the Smoke layer.

Figure 13-37: Fractal noise over a black solid

Displacement Maps

Turn off the visibility ...

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