The Digital Revolution: How Connected Digital Innovations Are Transforming Your Industry, Company, and Career

Book Description

The massive transformations driven by digital technology have begun. The Digital Revolution gives you a complete roadmap for navigating the breathtaking changes happening now and shows you how to succeed.

Silicon Valley executive, thought leader, and New York Times best-selling author Inder Sidhu shows how cloud computing, social media, mobility, sensors, apps, big data analytics, and more can be brought together in virtually infinite combinations to create opportunities and pose risks previously unimaginable.

You’ll learn how digital pioneers are applying connected digital technologies, also known as the Internet of Everything, to dramatically improve financial performance, customer experience, and workforce engagement in fields ranging from healthcare to education, from retail to government.

Sidhu combines the practical perspective of practitioners with the extensive experience of experts to show you how to win in the new digital age. He takes you behind the scenes, engaging with business leaders from Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, Intel, Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, RSA, Kaiser, Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, and so on and with academic leaders from Stanford, Yale, Wharton, MIT, Coursera, Khan Academy, and more and reveals their winning strategies and execution tactics for your benefit.

Sidhu also discusses the key challenges of privacy, security, regulation, and governance in depth and offers powerful insights on managing crucial ethical, social, cultural, legal, and economic issues that digitization creates. He shows what the digital revolution will mean for you, both personally and professionally--and how you can win.

Learn how you can leverage the digital revolution to

  • Deliver superior customer experiences

  • Improve your organization’s financial performance

  • Drive employee productivity, creativity, and engagement

  • Build smart, efficient cities brimming with opportunity

  • Make education more effective and relevant

  • Achieve better health outcomes

  • Make retail compelling, convenient, and profitable

  • Balance privacy with security

  • Protect yourself before, during, and after a cyberattack

  • Accelerate your career and live a better life            

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This E-Book
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Praise for The Digital Revolution
    5. Dedication Page
    6. Contents
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. Part I: Opening
      1. Introduction: There’s Something Happening Here
      2. 1. The Digital Revolution: Why You Should Care
    9. Part II: Transforming Industries
      1. 2. Healthcare: The Patient Will See You
        1. Access
        2. Quality
        3. Personalization
        4. A Better System, A Healthier You
      2. 3. Education: The Learner Triumphs
        1. Quality
        2. Access
        3. Relevance
        4. The Principal in You
      3. 4. Retail: Get ‘Em In, Get ‘Em Thru, Get ‘Em Back
        1. Capturing Your Attention and Never Letting Go: Offers That Compel
        2. No Time to Waste: Streamlined Shopping Efficiency
        3. A New World of Possibilities: Experiences That Resonate
        4. The World of Hyper-Relevancy
      4. 5. Smart Cities: Bustling with Activity, Brimming with Opportunity
        1. Social Development and Enablement
        2. Economic Viability
        3. Environmental Sustainability
        4. Bright Lights, Big Cities
    10. Part III: Addressing Challenges
      1. 6. Privacy: Wait, Am I the Product?
        1. The Con of Consent: The Monetization of You
        2. Never Let You Go: The Right to Be Forgotten
        3. Safe but Not Secure: The Contents of Your Head
        4. Bowed but Not Broken: The Evolution of Privacy
      2. 7. Security: Before, During, and After an Attack
        1. Before the Dam Breaks: Building Trust Instead of Borders
        2. Under Fire: Springing to Action During an Attack
        3. After the Crisis: Picking Up the Pieces
        4. When It All Goes Crazy: Calming Reassurance for a Jumpy World
      3. 8. Governance: New Game in Town, Clear Rules Needed
        1. From De Jure to De Facto: Protecting Vital Consumer Interests
        2. No Time for Trolls: Advancing Important Business Agendas
        3. From Adversaries to Allies: Preserving the Legitimate Role of Governments
        4. Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Policy That Drives Innovation, Regulation That Ensures Safety
    11. Part IV: Transforming Organizations
      1. 9. Financial Performance: Making Money the Old-Fashioned Way
        1. Increasing Revenue
        2. Reducing Costs
        3. Improving Asset Utilization
        4. Conclusion
      2. 10. Customer Experience: Happier Than Ever
        1. Engaging Deep
        2. Satisfying Beyond Expectation
        3. Personalizing at Every Turn
        4. Conclusion
      3. 11. Employee Experience: Productive, Creative, Engaged
        1. Building the Workforce of the Future: The Bespoke Employee
        2. Helping Workers Get More Done: The Collaborative Workplace
        3. Leveraging the Creative Spark in Us All: The Idea-Sharing Workforce
        4. Conclusion
    12. Part V: Closing
      1. 12. The Digital Revolution: Only the Beginning, Only Just the Start
    13. Endnotes
      1. Introduction
      2. Chapter 1
      3. Chapter 2
      4. Chapter 3
      5. Chapter 4
      6. Chapter 5
      7. Chapter 6
      8. Chapter 7
      9. Chapter 8
      10. Chapter 9
      11. Chapter 10
      12. Chapter 11
      13. Chapter 12
    14. Index
    15. About the Authors

    Product Information

    • Title: The Digital Revolution: How Connected Digital Innovations Are Transforming Your Industry, Company, and Career
    • Author(s): Inder Sidhu
    • Release date: December 2015
    • Publisher(s): PH Professional Business
    • ISBN: 9780134291321