4 × 6 prints

megapixel rating for, 106

printer suggestion, 96

8 × 10 prints, lowest megapixel rating for, 106


ACDSee software, cost of, 44

ACR (Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw) plug-in, use of, 141

ADC (analog to digital converter), defined, 144

Adobe Bridge software, features of, 44

Adobe Photoshop Elements, renaming tool in, 7

AF (Auto Focus) mode, explained, 12

American Library Association Web site, 115

aperture, defined, 144

Aperture software, features of, 44

archive, defined, 144

AsukaBook photo book service Web site, 104

Auto-Open function, disabling, 74–77

AVI (audiovisual interleave), defined, 144

AWB (Auto White Balance), explained, 11


Backblaze Web site, 61

Backup 3 Web site, 61

backups. See also storage options

automatic, ...

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