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The Diversity Dashboard

Book Description

Diversity can be the cause of many problems at work and most people fail to recognise them. It is not just verbal expressions that cause confusion and distress. Beyond every gesture lies a world of meaning and interpretation. We do not all communicate in the same way. This, alongside strict policies around political correctness and inclusion, creates confusion, fear and a type of paralysis which can seriously undermine performance. 'The Diversity Dashboard' is a quick reference guide that aims to help managers to bridge the cultural gaps in their organisations. Swallow and Milnes use the analogy of a pilot's cockpit to describe the various functions, instruments and levers that managers can employ to close the cultural gaps that prevent their organisations from succeeding fully. Navigation, compass reading, understanding the cultural cockpit, addressing turbulence, ensuring the organization has a flight management system and passport control all play their part in this lively and entertaining book. 'The Diversity Dashboard' delivers a serious message in an accessible way that shows how far different world views can inhibit performance.