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The Droid Pocket Guide: Ginormous knowledge, pocket-sized, Second Edition

Book Description

Here is your essential companion to the Android-powered Droid smartphone. The Droid Pocket Guide, Second Edition, steers you through how to:

  • Set up and quickly start using your Droid smartphone.

  • Make and receive calls and text messages.

  • Send email and synchronize your mail with your Gmail account.

  • Surf the Web with the built-in Android browser.

  • Search y our phone and the Web by voice.

  • Browse and download apps int he Android Marketi.

  • Find your place in the world, using the phone's GPS and Google Maps Navigation.

  • Keep track of your contacts and calendar--and, of course, sync your phone with your Google account.

  • Shoot and instantly review photos and videos with the built-in camera.