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The Economics and Politics of Resettlement in India

Book Description

The Economics and Politics of Resettlement in India is edited by two well-known scholars of development-induced involuntary displacement in India, and it brings together fourteen well-researched and relevant essays by academics, researchers and practitioners with extensive first-hand knowledge and experience of the resettlement and rehabilitation (R&R) processes in India. These essays provide valuable empirical and theoretical insights into R&R practices and experiences from a variety of developmental fields, including road projects, dams, mining, forests, and farmlands. Situating the discourse on R&R in the overall debate about the politics of development, this volume attempts not only to establish the study of R&R as a separate field of inquiry, but also to influence policy implementation in this field. With its extensive coverage and detailed analysis of the key fields of inquiry in R&R, this volume will be an indispensable resource for students, researchers and scholars in the field of development studies, refugee studies and policy studies. It will be a useful guide to policy-makers, NGOs and journalists working in the field of development-induced displacement in India. The volume will also be a valuable reference for students and scholars of economics, sociology, demography and political science.