The Eldercare Consultant

Book description

Your elderly father's memory is failing fast. Your increasingly frail mother just took another fall. Whatever the situation, The Eldercare Consultant can provide the knowledge, support, and encouragement you seek.

Weaving together real-life stories with the essential information needed to make the best decisions, this compassionate and practical guide helps you:

    • Spot warning signs of physical and mental decline
    • Recognize when a loved one needs assistance
    • Determine the level of care needed
    • Evaluate the options—family caregiver, home health care, palliative care, senior housing, assisted living facilities—and select the right one
    • Discuss the issue with your loved one
    • Understand and manage the costs of care
    • Make the adjustment as smooth as possible
    • Avoid caregiver burnout
    • And more

    Author and eldercare expert Becky Feola knows first-hand that caring for someone who is no longer in complete control is hard...and the decision to seek outside help is one fraught with emotion. Her book helps cut the confusion, and turn an undeniably difficult transition into a journey of hope and love.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. 1. Providing Eldercare for a Loved One
    1. It’s Not Just About You
    2. Your Biggest Concerns Regarding Eldercare
    3. Managing Life Transitions
    4. Recognizing Your Role as a Family Caregiver
    5. Caregiver Survival Tip
  8. 2. The Caregiver’s Challenges
    1. Changing Family Dynamics
    2. Understanding the Legalities of Caregiving
    3. Managing Your Loved One’s Needs
    4. Juggling Your Own Needs with Caregiving
    5. Understanding Caregiver Burnout
    6. Caregiver Survival Tip
  9. 3. Easing Caregiver Concerns with Proactive Behavior
    1. Recognizing the Early Warning Signs
    2. Identifying Stages of Dementia
    3. Seeing Your Loved One in Today’s Reality
    4. Twelve Signs It’s Time for Assistance
    5. Consulting with Health Care Professionals
    6. Complicated Issues for Family Caregivers
    7. Caregiver Survival Tip
  10. 4. Nurturing Your Loved One’s Mind, Body, and Spirit
    1. The Mind: Understanding Changes in Your Loved One’s Brain
    2. The Body: Understanding What’s Happening Physically to Your Loved One
    3. The Spirit: Keeping Your Loved One’s Inner Light Shining
    4. Caregiver Survival Tip
  11. 5. Considering Options for Care Needs
    1. The First Option: Family Caregivers
    2. The Role of a Health Care Advocate
    3. Choosing Between Professional Home Health Care Agencies and Private Caregivers
    4. Palliative Care Services
    5. Hospice Services
    6. Care Communities
    7. Caregiver Survival Tip
  12. 6. Paying for Your Loved One’s Care
    1. Understanding Average Costs of Care
    2. Determining Needs and Budgeting for Costs of Care
    3. Identifying Ways to Pay for Care
    4. Caregiver Survival Tip
  13. 7. Having the Difficult Discussions
    1. Bringing the Family Together
    2. Developing a Strategy for Your Discussion
    3. Doing Your Homework First
    4. Having the Discussion
    5. Caregiver Survival Tip
  14. 8. Making the Right Decision
    1. Approaching Your Decision
    2. Knowing When to Compromise
    3. Deciding Who Makes the Final Decision
    4. Caregiver Survival Tip
  15. 9. Special Considerations for Care
    1. The Special Care Needs of a Younger Person
    2. Traumatic Brain Injury
    3. Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Related Dementias
    4. Parkinson’s Disease and Similar Conditions
    5. Feeding Tubes, Tracheotomy Tubes, and Other Medical Devices
    6. Dialysis
    7. Bed-Bound Patients
    8. Behavioral Issues
    9. Caregiver Survival Tip
  16. 10. Final Words of Advice After Any Change
    1. The Transition Period
    2. Common Mistakes Made During the Transition
    3. Suggestions for a Successful Transition
    4. No Guilt: You Did the Best You Could
    5. Caregiver Survival Tip
  17. Resources
  18. Index
  19. About the Author
  20. Free Sample Chapter from Just Listen by Mark Goulston

Product information

  • Title: The Eldercare Consultant
  • Author(s): Becky Feola
  • Release date: July 2015
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814436325