CHAPTER 9The Nine Types of Organizations

Organizations fall along different levels of maturity or focus when it comes to designing employee experiences. As my team and I spent more time going through the data, we noticed that a wide range of organizational categories emerged. When I first developed this concept, I had the simple idea of creating four types or organizational categories: those that were great at all three employee experience environments or those that were great two out of the three environments (there are three options here). Unfortunately things weren't so simple. Looking at the data I noticed that some companies scored poorly in all areas, others scored well in all three but not great, and then other organizations really excelled in one environment but ranked poor in the other two. All of these various combinations led me to expand this to a much larger category of organizations.

Based on these attributes there are nine types of organizations that I have identified:

  1. inExperienced
  2. Technologically emergent
  3. Physically emergent
  4. Culturally emergent
  5. Engaged
  6. Empowered
  7. Enabled
  8. preExperiential
  9. Experiential

As you read this you can determine where your organization falls along the spectrum, or better yet, you can actually measure your own Employee Experience Score based on the attributes discussed earlier.


The first type of organization is one that isn't actively investing in any of the three employee experience environments. InExperienced companies ...

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