9/11 (September 11 terrorist attacks), 179

A Better Chance, 182

accounting class, Columbia Business School, 70–72

Ackerman, Val

narrative by: “If I Can’t Be the Smartest, I’ll Be the Hardest-Working,” 121–124

profile of, 120

quote by, 189

Al (brother-in-law of JMR), 21

Alan (Avon executive), 114–115

Andersen, Hans Christian, 4

Andrews, Greg, 149–150

Aristocrats, 40–41


first employment period

as assistant planner, 83–86

experiences of glass ceiling, 94–97

as manager of merchandising, Canada, 87–88

second employment period

asked to return, 110–111

Muppet sponges crisis, 117–120

promoted to Vice President, 115–117

renewed self-confidence, 112–115

work–life balance issues, 125–132

Barbara (friend of JCR). See Ricard, Barbara

Barbara (roommate ...

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