Rule 9Drive with Purpose

Purpose is the ultimate fuel for our journey through life.

Purpose is, quite simply, the why behind what you do. Purpose is the fuel for your life and career. Purpose leads you to the future you imagine and the legacy you will leave. Every one of us can find a bigger purpose in our lives and work.

When you are driven by purpose, you are able to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the passion in the day to day, and the excitement in the simple things. Purpose is not only your road map, but it is also a precious and personal route that takes you to where you are meant to be. A purpose can be short or long term, depending on where you are headed.

Purpose keeps life and work fresh. It keeps you energized when your tank is low and the road is filled with potholes. Purpose drives you forward and helps you lead while growing and learning through the challenges. You are less likely to lose sight of your vision when you have a defined purpose, because when you have a specific purpose, you see the bigger picture. There are many benefits to being fueled by your purpose, and Rule #9 depends on you, your team, and your organization having one in common. Some of the questions and activities below can help you gain even more clarity on your purpose.

Think about Your Bigger Purpose

In The Energy Bus, George and his team came up with a bigger purpose for making ...

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