The Energy Equation

Book description

A groundbreaking approach to unlocking the power of energy for professional productivity and business success 

The Energy Equation provides a new approach to achieving marketplace success by leveraging the internal workings of your business. The energy of your business is part of a physical system. Just like any other form of energy, it can be drained and wasted or be harnessed and optimized. This book offers a revolutionary contribution to management science that can be used to drive change, improve collaboration, enhance performance, strengthen organizational health and agility, and much more.

Author Greg Baker, CEO of Advance Consulting—a leading management consulting and professional development firm specializing in the transformation of people, teams, and organizations—shows you how to use “enterprise” energy to dramatically increase professional productivity and enhance business performance. The Energy Equation teaches you how to “see” the energy of your company, enabling you to understand why some things work and others don’t. The traditional “surface-level management” model no longer works in the 21st century; a much deeper view is needed. The Energy Equation will help you unlock the hidden power of energy in your business: 

  • Eliminate unnecessary conflict that saps the energy of your business
  • Build business agility, boost employee engagement, and establish a positive culture throughout your organization
  • Optimize your daily business, manage change, and prepare for the future of work
  • View your business through the lens of energy to see what is really happening beneath the surface

The Energy Equation is a powerful resource for any person or business seeking to adapt and thrive in the challenging global business environment.

Product information

  • Title: The Energy Equation
  • Author(s): Greg Baker
  • Release date: December 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119638681