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The Enthusiast's Guide to Photoshop

Book Description

If you’re a passionate photographer and you’re ready to take your work to the next level, The Enthusiast’s Guide book series was created just for you. Whether you’re diving head first into a new topic or exploring a classic theme, Enthusiast’s Guides are designed to help you quickly learn more about a topic, subject, or software so you can improve your photography.
The Enthusiast’s Guide to Photoshop: 64 Photographic Principles You Need to Know teaches you how to get the most out of Adobe Photoshop. Chapters are broken down into a series of numbered lessons, with each lesson providing what you need to get started on your journey to harnessing Photoshop's power in order to fully realize your photographic vision with your imagery. In this book, which is divided into 7 chapters that include 64 photographic lessons to help you conquer Photoshop, photographer and author Rafael "RC" Concepcion covers the most important tools, concepts, and techniques in Photoshop that you need to know.
Written in a friendly and approachable manner and illustrated with examples that drive home each lesson, The Enthusiast’s Guide to Photoshop is designed to be effective and efficient, friendly and fun. Read an entire chapter at once, or read just one topic at a time. With either approach, you’ll quickly learn a lot so you can confidently dive into Photoshop and create stunning images.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Master Your Tools
    1. 1. A Quick Tour of the Photoshop Interface
    2. 2. Customize Your Toolbar
    3. 3. Panels, Panels Everywhere!
    4. 4. Opening Files in Photoshop
    5. 5. Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Zoom In and Out
    6. 6. Choose Your Image Size and File Format
    7. 7. Make Use of the Libraries Panel
    8. 8. Placing Images in Photoshop
    9. 9. Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Work Efficiently
    10. 10. Interface and Performance Changes
    11. 11. Working with Brush-Based Tools in Photoshop
  2. Chapter 2 Working with Adobe Camera Raw
    1. 12. Understanding White Balance and Camera Profiles
    2. 13. The Powerful Four—Exploring the Basic Panel
    3. 14. Managing Blacks and Whites in an Image
    4. 15. Clarity, Vibrance, and Saturation
    5. 16. Managing Hue, Saturation, and Brightness
    6. 17. Making a Black-and-White Image
    7. 18. Creating Duotones and Tinted Images
    8. 19. The Lowdown on Detail and Noise Reduction
    9. 20. Cropping Your Image
    10. 21. Local Adjustments to Make Great Images Better
  3. Chapter 3 Next-Level Editing in Adobe Camera Raw
    1. 22. Spot and Blemish Removal
    2. 23. Lens Correction and Guided Transformation
    3. 24. Stacking Effects
    4. 25. Synchronizing Your Settings with Other Images
    5. 26. Creating Camera Raw Presets
  4. Chapter 4 Selections and Transformations
    1. 27. Creating Selections with the Magic Wand
    2. 28. Creating Selections with the Marquee and Lasso Tools
    3. 29. Adding and Removing Portions of a Selection
    4. 30. Transforming and Saving Selections
    5. 31. Using the Quick Selection Tool and the Refine Edge Brush
  5. Chapter 5 Photoshop Layers
    1. 32. How Layers Work
    2. 33. Layer Order, Grouping, and Opacity
    3. 34. Useful Techniques for Working with Layers
    4. 35. Layer Styles
    5. 36. Working with Adjustment Layers
  6. Chapter 6 Layer Masking and Retouching
    1. 37. Working with Layer Masks
    2. 38. Adding To and Removing Portions of Layer Masks
    3. 39. Using Layer Masks for Adjusting Tone
    4. 40. Using Layer Masks for Adjusting Color
    5. 41. Speed Up Your Work by Duplicating Layer Masks
  7. Chapter 7 Retouching and Content-Aware Techniques
    1. 42. Using Content-Aware Fill and Scale
    2. 43. Using the Spot Healing and Patch Tools
    3. 44. How to Prevent Content-Aware Tools from Sampling Specific Areas
    4. 45. Using the Liquify Tools
    5. 46. Helpful Tips for Retouching
  8. Chapter 8 Beyond the Basics
    1. 47. Creating a Panoramic Image in Photoshop
    2. 48. Creating an HDR Image in Photoshop
    3. 49. Using Puppet Warp to Fix Transformation Problems
    4. 50. Using Filters in Photoshop
    5. 51. Adding Sharpness with the High Pass Filter
    6. 52. Changing Colors in an Image
    7. 53. Converting a Picture to Black and White
    8. 54. Adding Text to a Document
    9. 55. Adding Shapes to a Document
    10. 56. Working with Plugins
  9. Chapter 9 Printing Images in Photoshop
    1. 57. Choosing a Paper – Like Wine Pairing for Photography
    2. 58. Setting Print Preferences
    3. 59. Get the Best Color with an ICC Profile
  10. Chapter 10 Putting It All Together: Start-to-Finish Images
    1. 60. Jason on a Bike
    2. 61. A New York Sunset
    3. 62. Fire in St. Lucia
    4. 63. Destiny Dancing
    5. 64. Amsterdam, Netherlands