The Entrepreneurial Attitude: Lessons From Junior Achievement's 100 Years Of Developing Young Entrepreneurs

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What do Mark Cuban, Steve Case, Sanjay Gupta, Donna Shalala, and Christina Aguilera all have in common? They are all Junior Achievement alumni who developed an entrepreneurial attitude about their life’s work!

In this landmark book, Larry Farrell, the world’s most experienced authority on researching and teaching entrepreneurship, has partnered with JA to bring their combined vast experience directly to you. In The Entrepreneurial Attitude, Farrell reveals his latest research on the four fundamental practices of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs: Sense of Mission, Customer/Product Vision, High-Speed Innovation, and Self-Inspired Behavior.

He then brings those proven practices to life through interviews with seventy high-achieving JA alumni across 35 countries including AOL founder Steve Case, CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, British MP David Lammy, Hong Kong biotech entrepreneur Eric Chen, social entrepreneur Fernando Tamayo in Peru, non-profit pioneer Sheikha Hessa al-Khalifa in Bahrain, Journalist Adedayo Fashanu in Nigeria, and President of the Clinton Foundation Donna Shalala.

This powerful combination illustrates for the first time that having an entrepreneurial attitude is the key to success in any career in any field: a business start-up or a large corporation, social enterprise, the traditional professions, government, or even the arts. Farrell also provides application planning exercises, helping you to apply the entrepreneurial basics to your own chosen field.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword: Asheesh Advani, CEO, JA Worldwide
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: Getting the Entrepreneurial Attitude— Why It’s so Important for Young People in Today’s Global Economy
    1. Junior Achievement: An Idea Too Good to Fail
    2. Driving the Entrepreneurial Boom
    3. Great Myths and Simple Truths
    4. The Life Cycle of All Organizations
    5. The Entrepreneurial Attitude—What It Is
      1. • Brian Sidorsky, Serial Entrepreneur (Canada)
      2. • Shaikha Hessa Al Khalifa, Founder and Executive Director, INJAZ (Bahrain)
      3. • Michel De Wolf, Dean, Louvain School of Management, JA Worldwide Board of Directors (Belgium)
  8. PART 1 The Four Fundamental Practices of the World’s Great Entrepreneurs
    1. CHAPTER 1 | Sense of Mission
      1. Creating an Entrepreneurial Strategy and Culture
      2. The “What” and the “How” of the Mission
      3. Creating Entrepreneurial Business Plans à la Matsushita
      4. What’s in the “What” of the Business
      5. Picking Product/Market Winners
      6. Creating Entrepreneurial Business Values à la Watson
      7. Keeping Them Alive
        1. • Steve Case, Founder, America Online (USA)
        2. • Monica Rivera, Founder, Madersolda (Colombia)
        3. • Sergey Borisov, Founder, Apps4All (Russia)
        4. • Titus Mboko, Founder, Grain Solutions (Zimbabwe)
        5. • Munjal Shah, Founder, Health IQ (USA)
    2. CHAPTER 2 | Customer/Product Vision
      1. My Customer, My Product, My Self-Respect
      2. The Real Magic of Disney
      3. “Loving” Customers and Products
      4. “Loving” the Customer
      5. “Loving” the Product
      6. Growing the Old-Fashioned Way
        1. • Karoli Hindriks, Founder, Jobbatical, JA Europe Board of Directors (Estonia)
        2. • Edward Lee, Founder, COL Financial, JA Asia-Pacific Board of Directors (Philippines)
        3. • Fernando Tamayo, Founder, Yaqua /Fighter Club (Peru)
        4. • Tang Keng Hong, Founder, ImageFarm (Malaysia)
        5. • Lars Johansen, Founder, Unicus SA (Sweden/Norway)
    3. CHAPTER 3 | High-Speed Innovation
      1. The Necessity to Invent, the Freedom to Act
      2. The Two Golden Rules of High-Speed Innovation
      3. The Necessity to Invent
      4. The Freedom to Act
      5. Changing the World with a Good Idea
        1. • Sanjay Gupta, CNN Medical Correspondent, Associate Chief of Neurosurgery, Emory University School of Medicine (USA)
        2. • David Darmanin, Founder, Hotjar (Malta)
        3. • Eleonora Arifova, Founder, Fun Chulan Children’s Art Studios Network (Russia)
        4. • Bill Herp, Founder, Linear Air (USA)
        5. • Eric Chen, Founder, Vitargent Biotechnology (Hong Kong/China)
    4. CHAPTER 4 | Self-Inspired Behavior
      1. Love What You Do and Get Very Good at Doing It
      2. High Commitment and High Performance
      3. Creating Entrepreneurial Commitment: “I Love What I Do”
      4. Creating Entrepreneurial Performance: “I’m Good at Doing It”99
      5. The Almighty Power of Consequences
      6. Self-Inspiration: Good for the Business, Good for the Soul
        1. • Donna Shalala, President, Clinton Foundation, former President, University of Miami, former United States Secretary of Health and Human Services (USA)
        2. • Ben Towers, Founder, Towers Design (United Kingdom)
        3. • Adedayo Fashanu, Journalist/Writer (Nigeria)
        4. • Bisman Deu, Founder, Green Wood / Color the World Pink (India)
        5. • Alfred Bright, Artist and Professor Emeritus, Youngstown University (USA)
    5. CHAPTER 5 | What’s Really Required
      1. The Three Requirements
      2. A Bit of Money
      3. A Bit of Knowledge
      4. An Entrepreneur-Friendly Culture
        1. • Kim Kaupe, Cofounder, ZinePak (USA)
        2. • Jimmy Zhou, Founder, Private Equity Fund (China)
        3. • Samer Sfeir, Cofounder, shareQ / M Social Catering (Lebanon)
        4. • Stephen Arinitwe, Founder and CEO, Aristeph Entrepreneurs Centre (Uganda)
        5. • Pedro Englert, Founder, StartSe (Brazil)
  9. PART 2 Ja’s Seven Competencies: The Entrepreneurial Attitude in Action
    1. CHAPTER 6 | Goal Orientation and Initiative Having a Self-Starting Nature and Proactive Approach
        1. • Lia Zakiyyah, Deputy to the Assistant, President’s Envoy on Climate Change (Indonesia)
        2. • Joshuel Plasencia, Cofounder, Project 99 (USA)
        3. • Cosmin Malureanu, Founder and CEO, Ascendia SA (Romania)
        4. • Jens Welin, Executive VP and Managing Director, Starcom USA, JA Chicago Board of Directors (Sweden)
    2. CHAPTER 7 | Leadership and Responsibility Taking Ownership of a Project, Group, or Task
        1. • Mark Hamister, Founder, Hamister Group, LLC (USA)
        2. • Daneil Cheung, Social Enterpriser and Activist (Hong Kong)
        3. • Leen Abu Baker, Vice President, INJAZ Al-Arab Alumni Board (Palestine)
        4. • Nyi Mas Gianti Bingah Erbiana, Chief Legal Counsel, Mitsubishi (Indonesia)
        5. • Tunji Eleso, Cofounder, Growth Capital (Nigeria)
    3. CHAPTER 8 | Creativity Engaging Imagination to Create and Innovate
        1. • Bonnie Chiu, Founder, Lensational (Hong Kong)
        2. • Christophe Robilliard, Founder, Easy Taxi Peru (Peru)
        3. • Alan Tsui, Founder, Kites (Hong Kong)
        4. • Raymon Setiadi, Cofounder and CEO, Aitindo (Indonesia)
        5. • Jerome Cowans, Jamaica House Fellow, Office of the Prime Minister (Jamaica)
        6. • Claudio Rossi, Cofounder, polarlab ag (Switzerland)
    4. CHAPTER 9 | Teamwork Cooperating and Working with Others to Achieve a Common Goal
        1. • Bill Covaleski, Cofounder, Victory Brewing (USA)
        2. • Gcina Dlamini, Cofounder, Smiling Through Investments (Swaziland)
        3. • Chris Slater, Cofounder, Simply Business (United Kingdom)
        4. • Max Tang, Real Estate Developer (China)
        5. • Richard Chang, Venture Capitalist—U.S. and China (Canada)
    5. CHAPTER 10 | Perseverance Completing Tasks and Goals Despite Difficulties or Delays
        1. • Yesenia Cardenas, Attorney and Partner, Bowman and Brooks (USA)
        2. • Bob Coughlin, Founder and CEO, Paycor, (USA)
        3. • Georgi Kadrev, Founder and CEO, IMAGGA (Bulgaria)
        4. • David Meltzer, Cofounder and CEO, Sports 1 Marketing (USA)
    6. CHAPTER 11 | Resourcefulness Observing Situations and Skillfully Addressing Difficulties
        1. • Camilla Ljunggren, Founder, Pluring (Sweden)
        2. • Daniel Antwi, Founder, People Initiative Foundation (Ghana)
        3. • Boris Kolev, Cofounder, DigiMark (Bulgaria)
        4. • Alex Kyalo, Founder, Tapifare Kenya (Kenya)
        5. • Benjamin Kainz, Founder, Young Care (Sweden)
    7. CHAPTER 12 | Self-Efficacy Having Belief or Confidence in Your Ability to Succeed
        1. • Wise Banda, Founder, Primelink (Zambia)
        2. • Jim Hemak, Founder, Webincs, Inc. (USA)
        3. • David Mata, Founder, Pynk Systems (Ergon Desk) (Spain)
        4. • Mario A. Escutia, Founder, The Barber’s Spa (Mexico)
        5. • Joseph Fortuno, Internship Director, Gladeo and University Student (USA)
        6. • Youmn Mahzoul, INJAZ Alumni Ambassador (Morocco)
    8. CONCLUSION: The Entrepreneurial Attitude Doing Something Great with Your Life!
        1. • David Lammy, Member of Parliament, United Kingdom (United Kingdom)
        2. • Feyzi Fatehi, Founder and CEO, Corent Technology (USA)
        3. • Leo Martellotto, President, JA Americas Region (Argentina)
        4. • Jeff Hansberry, President, Advantage Solution / JA USA Board of Directors (USA)
        5. • Cecilia Nykvist, CEO, JA Sweden (Sweden)
        6. • Jack Kosakowski, President and CEO, JA USA (USA)
  10. APPLICATIONS My Entrepreneurial Start-Up Action Plan
    1. APPLICATION 1 | You’re An Entrepreneur! What Next?
    2. APPLICATION 2 | Creating Entrepreneurial Business Plans
    3. APPLICATION 3 | Picking Market/Product Winners
    4. APPLICATION 4 | It’s Start-Up Time!
    5. APPLICATION 5 | Creating Entrepreneurial Business Values
    6. APPLICATION 6 | Keeping Them Alive
    7. APPLICATION 7 | “Loving” Customers and Products
    8. APPLICATION 8 | Growing the Old-Fashioned Way
    9. APPLICATION 9 | Creating High-Speed Innovation
    10. APPLICATION 10 | Self-Inspired Behavior—Raising Commitment and Performance
    11. APPLICATION 11 | The Almighty Power of Consequences
    12. APPLICATION 12 | What’s Really Required? The Three Requirements
    13. APPLICATION 13 | My “Getting Entrepreneurial” Start-Up Action Plan
  11. INDEX

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  • Title: The Entrepreneurial Attitude: Lessons From Junior Achievement's 100 Years Of Developing Young Entrepreneurs
  • Author(s): Larry Farrell
  • Release date: April 2018
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9781260026719