The Essential Guide to Going Global

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"Keeping your focus on high ethical standards as well as security, building solid personal relationships, and maintaining real openness while expecting the unexpected – these are good rules for anyone seeking to compete in a rapidly, and in many ways, radically changing global economy. This book has such good advice, and more."
--Bill Brock, Former U.S. Trade Representative

"Doing Business Anywhere is an excellent book for any business person who thinks global. The Tenets of Global Trade Travis outlines are the fundamental building blocks for global business. Read this book, then read it again."
--Rodney M. Birkins Jr., Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing Design & Product Development, QVC Inc.

"Doing Business Anywhere by Tom Travis captures that very unique perspective of the core issues and break-through thinking on global trade. Tom's great counsel and insight brings to light a perspective that is crucial to succeed in the challenges as well as issues related to global trade. Well done!"
--Jerry Cook, VP Government and Trade Relations, Hanesbrands, Inc.

"Anyone whose business relies on going global needs to read this book and understand its message. Tom Travis has artfully distilled the most important principles of international trade."
--Ken Eaton, Former SR VP and Managing Director, Global Procurement, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

"With his decades of international experience, only Tom Travis could have articulated global trade in such a clear, educational and enjoyable manner. Doing Business Anywhere is a must read for "every" business leader and manager."
--Steven R. Walton, Chairman, Wing Tai International Apparel Group

"Doing Business Anywhere clearly demonstrates that Tom Travis is a master of the game…his thoughtful guide to global trade and his clear prose make this a must read for anyone wanting to compete and succeed in the global economy."
--Mark B. Rosenberg, Chancellor, State University System of Florida

"As a professor, author, entrepreneur and consultant on the supply chain who has seen the supply chain evolve from a domestic practice to a global science I tip my hat to Tom Travis for condensing everything entrepreneurs and business leaders need to know about global trade into one concise and absorbing book. Tom rightly points out that because problems and road blocks can exist at every turn that integrating his Six Tenets of Global Trade into every aspect of your supply chain is critical to your success. This book is hard to put down as each of the tenets is presented in the context of real stories of global trade. Intriguing! Everyone in global trade should have Doing Business Anywhere on their bookshelf."
--James A. Tompkins Ph.D., Chairman, CEO and Founder of Tompkins Associates., Inc.

"Challenges and opportunities are an integral part of today’s international trade environment. Not only do we have to secure the trade supply chain but we also have to facilitate the movement of legitimate goods across borders. For those of us involved in this form of economic activity, whether we are from the public or private sector, it is vital that we recognize the importance of international trade to the economic prosperity of the world’s nations. Its catalytic role in alleviating poverty, enhancing financial stability, and promoting social well-being can never be under-estimated. As the author of this book, Tom Travis, so rightly says, we are all actively involved in global trade as we go about our daily lives whether we consciously know this or not. Globalization too is part and parcel of the international trade landscape and it is imperative that one learns to navigate this terrain if one wants to succeed in the business environment of the 21st century. This is exactly what this book sets out to do. It provides the reader with six tenets of global trade backed by clear explanations as to how they should be applied in real-world situations involving a wide range of role-players. The book is an indispensable guide to trans-national economic operators, global business leaders and others who are part of the international customs and trade community as it provides an arsenal of tools that will enrich the quality of doing business globally. From taking advantage of trade agreements, to protecting your brand at all costs, to maintaining high ethical standards, Tom Travis' incredible understanding of the business world and the issues that impact on the trade environment make him the ultimate business coach. Indeed, the book captures the essential ingredients that are necessary to make today’s business men and women excel and win. This essential guide is a global winner and I highly recommend it for its insight and value-added leadership."
--Michel Danet, Secretary General, World Customs Organization

"With his Six Tenets of Global Trade, author Tom Travis will help CEOs everywhere get it right when it comes to global trade. He lays out the most important aspects of trade that businesspeople—especially those of us in the apparel industry - need to know in order to be successful. It's not easy to manage the numerous elements involved in forging trust-based and profitable trade relationships - relationships that benefit everyone involved. This incisive book helps businesspeople achieve just that. His lessons on branding and social responsibility in particular are hugely valuable for anyone just entering the worldwide trade arena. And even if you've been around the global block a few times, you'll learn something new and thought provoking. Travis's book is an essential read for anyone expanding their horizons globally. "
--Scott A. Edmonds, President & Chief Executive Officer, Chico's FAS, Inc.

"This book overflows with many valuable lessons for anyone who wants a better understanding of how global trade is shaping our world. It's a delightful surprise to find a business book that takes such a comprehensive look at global trade. Tom Travis's examples and tenets show that for global trade to truly be positive it must create sustainability in all of the areas involved."
--Pietra Rivoli, Author of The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
  3. Preface
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. 1. The Tenets of Global Trade: Emerging Trends in International Business
    1. Take Advantage of Trade Agreements: Think Outside the Border
    2. Protect Your Brand at All Costs
    3. Maintain High Ethical Standards
    4. Stay Secure in an Insecure World
    5. Expect the Unexpected
    6. All Global Business is Personal
    7. How the Tenets Came About
      1. Emergence on the Global Stage
      2. Emerging Trends in Trade
      3. Opening Up Opportunities
      4. Forging Lasting Relationships
      5. Doing the Right Thing
    8. In the Beginning
  7. 2. Take Advantage of Trade Agreements: Think Outside the Border
    1. The Underwear War
    2. Trade Programs as Change Agents
      1. Preferences Promote Economic Development and Stability
      2. Free Trade as a Two (or More)-Way Street
    3. Making the System Work for You
      1. Creating Consortiums: How the Dominican Republic Became the Isle of Dockers
      2. Offshore Assembly
      3. Peace Through Prosperity: The U.S.-Israel-Jordan Qualifying Industrial Zones
        1. One Man’s Vision: QIZs and the Peace Dividend
        2. Egypt Finally Implements QIZ
        3. From QIZ to FTA—The U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Evolution
  8. 3. Protect Your Brand at All Costs
    1. Protect Your Brand
      1. You Are Your Brand
      2. The Worldwide Counterfeiting Crisis
        1. International Enforcement Initiatives
        2. The U.S. Fight to Control Counterfeiting
        3. Protecting Your Own Intellectual Property
    2. Labor and Image: Protecting Your Brand
      1. When Tears of Contrition Are Not Enough
      2. Taking Responsibility for Labor Abuses: Nike Bounces Back
      3. When Abuse Is Widespread—The Not so Sweet Story about Chocolate
        1. Creating a Public-Private Partnership
      4. Politics and Gourmet Java: Starbucks and the Fair Trade Issue
    3. Stewards of the Earth—Trade and the Environment
    4. Social Responsibility in Sourcing
    5. Free Trade Agreements and Corporate Social Responsibility—Forging a Link
  9. 4. Maintain High Ethical Standards
    1. Bribery in Benin
    2. The Case for Ethics in Business
    3. Forging Ethical Strategic Partnerships
      1. Setting the Ethics Bar
      2. Establish a Code of Ethics
      3. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
      4. Setting Up FCPA Compliance
    4. Multinationals and a Push for Self-Regulation
    5. Importing and Exporting: Self-Governance and Accountability
      1. Self-Monitoring Import Transactions
    6. Minding Your Export Transactions
    7. Trade Programs and Compliance
    8. Establishing a Corporate Code of Conduct and Compliance
      1. One Step Further—Ethics Executives
  10. 5. Stay Secure in an Insecure World
    1. Security in a Post-9/11 World
    2. Do You Know Where Your Cargo Is?
    3. The Private Sector Fights Back Against the Illegal Drug Trade
    4. A Continuation of Government-Trade Cooperation
    5. Security and Customs Around the World
    6. Additional Government Security Programs
    7. Bottom Line Benefits of Cargo Security
    8. Do You Know Where Your Data Is?
    9. Keeping Safe Abroad
  11. 6. Expect the Unexpected
    1. Crisis in Paradise
    2. Preparing for the Worst
      1. West Coast Port Lockout
      2. The Mexican Peso Takes a Dive
      3. Acts of God—Hurricane Katrina
      4. Pandemics and the Global Climate
    3. Planning for Disaster
  12. 7. All Global Business Is Personal
    1. Globe-Trotting and Relationship Building
    2. The Importance of Face Time
      1. Trust and Mutual Reliance
    3. Do Whatever it Takes
    4. Keep the Home Fires Burning
    5. Showing the Flag
    6. The Personal Touch
    7. Make Yourself Available 24/7
  13. 8. Transparency and the Tenets of Global Trade
    1. Transparency: The Future is Now
      1. Transparency and Trade Agreements
      2. Transparency as a Tool to Protect Your Brand and Promote Ethical Practices
      3. Transparency and Security
      4. Transparency as Preparation for the Unexpected
      5. Being a Transparent Global Entrepreneur
    2. Practicing What We Preach
  14. Notes
    1. Chapter 2: Take Advantage of Trade Agreements: Think Outside the Border
    2. Chapter 3: Protect Your Brand at All Costs
    3. Chapter 4: Maintain High Ethical Standards
    4. Chapter 5: Stay Secure in an Insecure World
    5. Chapter 6: Expect the Unexpected

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  • Title: The Essential Guide to Going Global
  • Author(s): Thomas G. Travis
  • Release date: April 2007
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780471973171