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The Evil Executive

Book Description

Bullying is common in all walks of life – not least at work. It’s nasty and the results are long-lasting. But sometimes there’s something more than bullying, where executives in organizations are malicious, violent and abusive. These people make their co-workers’ and subordinates’ lives an utter misery, and they can bring organizations down through their machinations. This is not bullying, this is evil. This book offers shocking examples from organizations around the world of the toxic nature of evil executives and the damage they do. It gives advice on how to recognize these predators, manipulators, sadists and frauds, how to manage in their presence, and how to reduce their crippling effect on you or anyone who might be a target. Offering solace and pointers in equal measure, The Evil Executive will provoke you to serious thought and timely action against the myriad manifestations of evil in the workplace.