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The Exchange Strategy for Managing Conflict in Healthcare: How to Defuse Emotions and Create Solutions when the Stakes are High

Book Description

The proven four-step method for improving communication and managing conflict in any healthcare setting

The Exchange Strategy for Managing Conflict in Health Care delivers a wealth of strategies and techniques for structuring conversations about conflicts and issues in groups large and small.

"A fresh, clear-eyed view of how to approach conflict in the American healthcare system . . . shows how direct, immediate, tactful, and open communication will greatly improve any workplace setting." -- KATHLEEN SELLICK, President and CEO, Rady Children's Hospital

"Having worked in large hospital systems for many years, I wish I had known these skills and techniques when I supervised nurses and coordinated teams." -- KIM PHILLIPS, MSN, RN, CFCN, Nurse's Touch, Inc.

"During the past 12 months, over 450 managers and supervisors on my team at Sanford Health have gone through this training, and it works!" -- EVAN BURKETT, Chief Human Resources Officer, Sanford Health

"The strategy and skills laid out in this book . . . are truly effective. Ignore this at your peril." -- DR. SAMUEL B. HO, Chief, Gastroenterology Section, Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Diego