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The Executive Athlete: How Sport Psychology Helps Business People Become World-Class Performers

Book Description

"Executive athletes" practice and compete, win some and lose some. Then they do it all over again – just like athletes. The Executive Athlete is all about the similarities between executives who want to achieve high levels of performance and athletes who play at the top of their game. Dr. Gerson has spent years coaching, testing and training business people to use sport psychology to better their performances. He's found you get measurable performance improvements if you treat and train business people like athletes. He takes you inside the minds of athletes and shows you how they mentally train themselves. You'll learn how to use those same mental training techniques on yourself and in your business setting so you can play at the top of your game. Learn how to make failure work for you, coach yourself and others out of a performance slump, overcome self-doubt and negative attitudes – and hundreds of other tips for becoming a superstar from within.