chapter 2

Designing a Business Page

Your Facebook business Page is one of the most important assets you have in successfully marketing your business. You can drive lots of visitors to your Facebook Page and update your status frequently, but if you have not taken the time to create a well-designed Page, all these things are useless.

Designing a successful Facebook Page is deceptively easy. Any business owner can create a Facebook Page in less time than it takes to drink a cup of tea, but it takes a bit of thought, planning, and technical tinkering to make your Facebook Page just right for you and your business and encourage visitors to take the action you want. This chapter helps you design a great Facebook Page.

Facebook Business Pages versus Traditional Websites

Facebook Redesigns

Designing Your Basic Facebook Page

Choosing a Page Design Tool

Best Practices in Design and Content

Case Study: It’s a Perfect Day

Facebook Business Pages versus Traditional Websites

My friend Navin Ganeshan, chief product strategist at online marketing and web host company Network Solutions, has his finger on the pulse of how small business owners can successfully build their businesses online. In this chapter, Navin shares his insight.

As you start creating your Facebook business Page, it is likely to remind you of the process of designing a website. You face the same considerations regarding the logo, colors, and links, and you need to adhere to some of the same do’s and don’ts of design and ...

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