chapter 7

Using Facebook to Generate Local Store Foot Traffic

There are about 30 million small businesses in the United States with physical locations that depend on walk-in foot traffic. While foot traffic and face-to-face customer service are essential for repeat business, online engagement with those customers helps bring them back. Local shoppers enjoy telling friends about the Check-in Deals they find. Facebook Places and Check-in Deals list local businesses and their current promotions, empowering business owners to drive traffic to their locations. Individuals can share that they are at your location along with the Check-in Deals you are offering. These services are examined in detail in this chapter.

Your Local Business and Facebook

Local Check-in Deal Best Practices

Is Your Business Ready for Your Check-in Deal?

Promoting Your Check-in Campaign

Using Insights to Understand Your Campaign

Using Facebook Offers

Your Local Business and Facebook

The first few chapters of this book cover the marketing reach you can obtain by using Facebook for your small business. As I’ve mentioned, Facebook has created numerous applications that help drive people back to your website or e-commerce site. But Facebook is not limited to the Internet and a virtual association to your business. Facebook has also developed applications that help drive foot traffic to your physical business location. As much as I’ve stressed the importance of having a Facebook Page for your business and incorporating ...

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