Chapter 1. Project Management Is the New Critical Leadership Skill


What are your dreams?

What do you want to accomplish? How will your team, business, school, or nonprofit agency change the way the world works, plays, or survives?

  • Are you an aid worker improving the quality and reliability of the water supply to a remote village?

  • Will your team pioneer bio-fuel-powered engines, ushering in a new era of energy sources to transform our petroleum-based civilization?

  • Does your company deliver ever-changing ways to enjoy music, movies, news, and other media?

  • Are you a government employee safeguarding our environment or food supply?

Are you part of the project-based workforce that creates advertising campaigns, repairs freeways, remodels homes, writes books, opens health clinics, implements accounting software, connects the world with cellular communication networks—constantly transforming our global civilization in tiny increments?

We all agree the world is getting smaller and changing faster. How did this happen? More important, how can organizations manage the innovation and transformation required to compete—or merely survive—when the only constant is change? The answer is project management.

Whether your organization is committed to being a change leader like Boeing, Apple Computer, Intel, or, or you simply need to evolve to keep your operations efficient, project management encompasses the methods for choosing projects, establishing goals, creating action plans, and ...

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