Solving Common Project Problems


The science of project management gives us the ability to calculate schedules, calculate budgets, forecast resource requirements, measure performance, estimate risk probabilities, and much more. Project management software is increasingly available to make the number crunching easier and to distribute the information faster. But computers don’t manage projects, and estimates don’t magically come true. The tools and techniques described in this book form a powerful tool set, but, as with any tools, they require a skilled hand to deliver a completed project. This chapter describes how this tool set will help you overcome problems that crop up on projects of any size, in any industry.

Each problem or challenge is accompanied by a strategy for using the tools we’ve discussed throughout this book. Many of the problems will sound familiar, and the proposed solutions may give you new insights. But don’t stop with the answers you read here. The art of project management is applying the science to achieve your goals. With this chapter as a starting point, you can begin practicing the art of project management on the problems confronting your own projects.


When projects span organizational boundaries, you can suddenly find yourself relying on people over whom you have no authority. They work for neither you nor your sponsor. How will you enlist them as accountable, enthusiastic team members you ...

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