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The First Mile: A Launch Manual for Great Ideas

Video Description

That first mile--where an innovation moves from an idea into the market--is often plagued by failure. In fact, less than 1% of ideas launched inside organizations have any real impact on the bottom line. The ideas aren't the problem. It's the process. In his new book, The First Mile: A Launch Manual for Getting Great Ideas Into the Market, innovation expert Scott Anthony has created a road map to improve the process and the chances of success. It focuses on the critical moment when an innovator moves from planning to reality, a perilous place where hidden traps and roadblocks slow innovators. In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Anthony shares his insights and equips innovators with new tools, questions, and examples to speed through this crucial early stage of innovation. He describes how to evaluate an idea's strengths and weaknesses; provides an ""experiment cookbook"" to gain confidence in an idea or business; explains common challenges that trip up innovation--with practical strategies for avoiding them; and focuses on essential leadership skills for innovation success.