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The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe ® Encore ™ DVD 2.0

Book Description

Software programs are complex, the books that explain them shouldn't be. This thoroughly illustrated, full-color guide explains everything you need to know to get up and running quickly with Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 without any extraneous information or complicated, detailed explanations. The author focuses solely on the key features you will need to start producing and mastering professional-quality DVDs immediately in order to avoid overloading you with too many details. Learn best practices for planning your project, importing video and audio assests, creating professional-looking menus, and adding custom project elements. Abundant illustrations, screenshots, and concise, results-driven text makes this the ultimate guide to getting up and running quickly with Encore DVD.

The Focal Easy Guide Series:
* Start working with new software immediately regardless of your level
* Achieve professional results, learn practical skills from industry experts
* Focused, user-friendly coverage of the key tools you need to know

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. First Look
    1. Hardware
    2. Loading the Program
  9. Preferences Setup
    1. Launching Encore for the First Time
    2. General
    3. Menus
    4. Timelines
    5. Preview
    6. Encoding
    7. Audio/Video Out
  10. The Interface
    1. Frames and Panels
    2. Viewers
    3. Workspaces
    4. Arranging Workspaces
    5. Creating Custom Workspaces
    6. Keyboard Shortcuts
    7. The Toolbar
    8. The Project Panel
    9. The Menus Panel
    10. The Timelines Panel
    11. The Disc Panel
    12. The Monitor Panel
    13. The Flowchart Panel
    14. The Menu Viewer
    15. The Properties Panel
    16. The Character Panel
    17. The Timeline Viewer
    18. The Slideshow Viewer
    19. The Library Panel
    20. The Styles Panel
    21. The Layers Panel
    22. The Adobe Help Center
  11. The Project: Planning
    1. Listing Assets
    2. Using a Flowchart
    3. Workflow
  12. The Project: Importing Assets
    1. Rules for Imported Assets
    2. Importing Assets
    3. The Import as Asset Command
    4. The Import as Timeline Command
    5. The Import as Slideshow Command
    6. The Import as Menu Command
    7. A Second Look at the Project Panel
    8. Locating and Replacing Assets
  13. The Project: Transcoding
    1. Transcode Settings
    2. Transcoding Assets Within Encore
    3. Transcoding Assets Before Import
  14. The Project: Timeline Creation
    1. The Timeline Editing Workspace
    2. Creating a Timeline
    3. The Timeline Viewer
    4. Navigating in the Timeline Viewer
    5. The Monitor Panel
    6. Adding Chapter Markers
    7. Setting a Poster Frame
    8. Transcoded Assets and Chapter Markers
    9. Navigation Using Chapter Markers
    10. Adding Audio Tracks
    11. Adding Subtitles
    12. Changing the Appearance of Subtitle Text
    13. Joining Assets in a Single Timeline
    14. The Slideshow Design Workspace
    15. Adding Still Images and Audio to a Slideshow
    16. The Slideshow Viewer
    17. Scaling Slideshow Images
    18. Widescreen Slideshows
    19. Creating Your Slideshow
    20. Arranging the Slides
    21. Adding Effects and Transitions to the Slideshow
    22. Adding Subtitles to the Slideshow
  15. The Project: Menu Design and Creation
    1. Encore Menus As Photoshop Files
    2. The Menu Design Workspace
    3. Getting Started
    4. Manipulating Menu Objects
    5. The Safe Area
    6. Replacing Text in Menu Objects
    7. Duplicating Menus and Menu Objects
    8. Converting a Text Object to a Button
    9. The Subpicture Highlight
    10. The Menu Color Set
    11. Changing the Appearance of Subpicture Highlights
    12. A Special Effect Using Subpicture Highlights
    13. Aligning and Distributing Menu Objects
    14. Align
    15. Distribute
    16. Button Routing
    17. Building Your Own Menu
    18. Static Menu Backgrounds
    19. Creating Menus from Backgrounds
    20. Using the Library
    21. Creating Menu Buttons
    22. Creating an Entire Menu External to Encore
    23. Adding a Text Object to a Menu
    24. The Character Panel
    25. Resizing Text Objects
    26. Adding Style Effects
    27. Adding Background Audio to a Menu
    28. Adding Background Video to a Menu
    29. Saving Your Work for Use in Future Projects
  16. The Project: Linking Everything Together
    1. The Navigation Design Workspace
    2. First Play
    3. End Actions
    4. Auto Layout
    5. Menu Buttons
    6. Sync Button Text and Name
    7. Video Thumbnail Buttons
    8. Remote Buttons
    9. Playlists
    10. Chapter Marker End Actions
    11. Overrides
    12. Setting Allowable User Operations
    13. Flowchart Panel Overview
    14. Advanced Design Techniques
    15. Highlight-Only Menu Buttons
    16. Easter Eggs
    17. Button Rollover Menus
    18. Trivia Quiz Games
  17. The Project: Building the DVD
    1. Verify Project Settings
    2. Checking the Project
    3. Correcting Errors
    4. Previewing the Project
    5. Building a DVD Disc
    6. Dual-Layer Discs
    7. Building a DVD Folder
    8. Building a DVD Image
    9. Building a DVD Master
    10. Adding DVD-ROM Content
  18. Interacting With Other Adobe Software
    1. The Edit Original Command
    2. Working with Adobe Photoshop
    3. The Edit Menu in Photoshop Command
    4. Creating Menus in Photoshop
    5. Additional Subpicture Highlight Colors
    6. Video Placeholder Layers
    7. Saving Your Menu
    8. Working with Adobe After Effects
    9. Animating an Encore Menu in After Effects
    10. Working with Adobe Premiere Pro
    11. Placing Chapter Markers for Encore
    12. Working with Adobe Audition
    13. Adobe Bridge
    14. Additional Encore DVD Resources
  19. Index