Chapter 19Test Your Forex IQ

The following questions test the knowledge you've acquired from reading this book. You can take this quiz, place your responses, and check your forex IQ. Good luck!

  1. What is the index that tracks US dollar as an instrument for trading?
  2. If inflation data presents a surprise increase, what is likely direction of gold?
  3. Name the heads of the world's key central banks.
  4. Which time interval is the best for entering a trade?
  5. What is the technical basis for locating a stop loss?
  6. What are the four strategies for trading a sideways pattern?
  7. What information does a candlestick pattern provide that is not in a bar chart?
  8. How do you measure sentiment in forex?
  9. What is the best time of the day to trade?
  10. What day of the week generates the best contrarian trading?
  11. Which Fibonacci level is the most important?
  12. What is the most important report that affects trading the yen, and when does it come out?
  13. When the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meets, what does it decide?
  14. What is the name of the Chinese currency?
  15. What is the gross national product of the United States versus Europe versus Japan?
  16. What is the current interest rate difference between the 10-year US Treasury note and the 3-month Treasury note?
  17. Which currency pair allows you to trade the British pound against the euro?
  18. When trading forex, what is the cost of the trade when there is no commission?
  19. What are the two basic trading strategies for buying or selling that apply to any time frame?
  20. If forex prices ...

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