chapter 6 How to connect people to the business

So far in the book we have looked at two key, behaviour-based manager mindsets that help build connection with others. They are to be a role model, connecting through trust, communication, inspiration and consistency of behaviour, and leading by example, and to be empathetic, understanding what makes people tick and how others see things.

Now we need to start to look at the things managers must do.

It has long been understood that one of the key skills required of a manager is to communicate effectively with their team. In today's business, however, this does not go far enough. Research shows that high-performing employees typically feel connected — and that typically it is high-performing managers who facilitate this connection.

So what is the difference between communication and connection? This is often not understood, so it can be helpful to think of them like this: At level 1 we communicate by sharing information with people or informing them. At level 2 we connect by ensuring people understand why something is important so they forge a level of emotional connection to the message. The act of connecting goes deeper than communication and takes more effort, time, skill and understanding of others to achieve.

Let's examine both levels in more detail.

Level 1: Communicate

Each year, businesses spend time, effort and money putting together complex strategies and business plans. This is done in the hope that business will grow, ...

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