The Front Line Guide to Creating a Winning Management Style

Book description

You need – and want – to change your management style. So, how do you get started? With Front Line Guide to Creating a Winning Management Style – it puts the power to become the kind of exemplary leader you want to be in your hands. In 13 chapters, the book describes how you can change your current set of patterned behaviors so you can become not less predictable, but more consistent. This book will reassure you that creating a winning management style is well within your capability. It presents the concept of "management style" as a set of attributes you can identify, observe and replicate. You'll learn how to blend your personal beliefs and values with social behaviors modified by what you know in your gut is the right thing to do. The author draws on research involving thousands of managers in some of America's leading professional, commercial, industrial and military organizations. The specific behaviors he identifies can and do lead to managerial excellence. And this hands-on guide will show you exactly how to acquire them.

Table of contents

  1. The Front Line Guide to Creating a Winning Management Style
    1. Copyright
    2. DEDICATION (1/2)
    3. DEDICATION (2/2)
    4. Preface
    5. Introduction
    6. Chapter 1: A Short History of the Search for Higher Productivity
      1. Management Style is “Discovered”
      2. A Matter of Beliefs
    7. Chapter 2: Managers Make the Difference
    8. Chapter 3: Identifying Payoff Behaviors (1/2)
    9. Chapter 3: Identifying Payoff Behaviors (2/2)
    10. Chapter 4: Overcoming Worker Resistance
      1. Reinterpreting McGregor
      2. Another View of Theory X
    11. Chapter 5: Developing Competence through Performance-Specific Feedback
      1. Communication Skills: Prerequisites for a Winning Management Style
      2. Relationships Are Built on Shared Information
      3. Welcome to the World of Responsible Adults
      4. What about Power and Authority?
      5. About Developing Competence
      6. A View of Management Styles
      7. Giving Situation-Specific Feedback
    12. Chapter 6: Building Respect for Self, Team, and Company
      1. In Times of Change…
      2. Building Self-Respect and Self-Esteem
      3. Building Respect within the Team
      4. Building Respect for the Company
    13. Chapter 7: Redefining Roles and Responsibilities
      1. All Tasks Must Be Performed Satisfactorily
      2. That Includes the Manager’s Role, Too
    14. Chapter 8: Rewarding and Promoting
      1. The Mysterious “They” and “Them”
      2. Finding Advancement in a Flat Organization
      3. The Manager as Mentor
    15. Chapter 9: As the Running Shoe People Say…
      1. Just do it!
      2. People with Winning Management Styles
    16. Chapter 10: Your Communication Style
      1. Empathy and Communication Style: Being Accessible to Others
      2. Critical Ability and Communication Style
      3. Searching and Communication Style
      4. Advising Others
      5. Mentoring
      6. Summing It All Up
    17. Chapter 11: Your Personal Style
      1. Feelings and Personal Style
      2. Thinking and Personal Style
      3. Sensing and Personal Style
      4. Intuition and Personal Style
      5. One More Element of Personal Style
    18. Chapter 12: Coming to Grips with Management Style
      1. A Crazy Idea?
      2. It’s as Simple as You Want to Make It
      3. Other Paths to Theory Y
    19. Chapter 13: Wrapping Up
      1. Finding a Safe Place to Try on New Behaviors
      2. A Few Words about Ethics
      3. Now, Go Do It!
    20. References
    21. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: The Front Line Guide to Creating a Winning Management Style
  • Author(s): Woodrow H. Sears
  • Release date: January 2007
  • Publisher(s): HRD Press
  • ISBN: 9780874259377