Chapter 9
As the Running Shoe People Say…
esearchers tell us that there are twenty-one chief attrib-
utes or behaviors associated with a winning management
style, based on the experiences of thousands of effective
managers. Top managers use these behaviors 24/7—not just
when they go to work. These behaviors are rooted in their
overall attitude toward other people.
Winning Managerial Behaviors
Treat each person with respect.
Do not speak as though people don’t know their job.
Ask for their opinion about work issues.
Say “Please” and “Thank you.”
Express appreciation for work done well and on time.
Let people know about training courses that might be
good for them.
Be willing to admit your mistakes.
Never rebuke people for errors (especially not in public!).
Focus on solutions, instead of looking for someone to
Notice when people are stressed or having problems at
work or home.
Be sensitive and supportive when people have family
Creating a Winning Management Style
Compliment people every chance you get (appearance,
achievement, attitude, etc.). Just be sincere.
Coach people who are having trouble with a task.
When overtime is necessary, you be there, too.
Be willing to acknowledge and reward outstanding per-
Be willing to stand up for capable individuals when pro-
motions are possible.
Remain open to suggestions regarding changes or
improvements in office or plant processes.
Work as hard as everyone else.
Demonstrate your pleasure in working with your
Infuse the work group with confidence to excel.
Help people decide whether or not to leave the organi-
zation if they cannot seem to meet performance
If you do not yet do these things, you have some learning
objectives to meet. In the meantime, check your core beliefs.
You are well on your way to becoming a Theory Y manager
if you believe in the principles that follow:
Theory Y management holds that:
1. Most people are honest and will not cheat you.
2. People make mistakes, and they should not be pun-
3. Anger is counterproductive.

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