About the Author
Woodrow H. Sears earned one of the early doctorates in
human resource development, studying under Leonard Nadler
at George Washington University, the man who coined the
term and created the professional and academic discipline
known as HRD. Before beginning his career in management,
Woody was a photographer; a newspaper reporter; a Marine
officer; and later an editor with the Cooperative Extension
Service at North Carolina University, where he earned a
master’s degree in adult education. He worked at Leadership
Resources, Inc., one of the country’s first behaviorally-
oriented consulting firms, and served as HR manager and
later the director of training for an environmental company.
He has provided consulting services for a broad range of
industries and technologies, U.S. federal agencies, and
Canadian crown corporations and provincial governments.
After extensive Civil Rights, EEO, and police training,
Woody Sears shifted his focus to project management, devel-
oping project-management systems for domestic and interna-
tional clients and lecturing at universities. The author of Back
in Working Order: How American Enterprises Can Win the
Productivity Battle (Scott Foresman, 1984) and co-author
with Audrone Tamulionnyte-Lentz of Succeeding in Business
in Central and Eastern Europe: A Guide to Cultures,
Markets, and Practices (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001),
Woody was in Slovakia as a volunteer with the International
Executive Service Corps in 1998 when he was asked to go to
Lithuania for a one-month assignment. He is still there.
Contact Woodrow Sears by e-mail at: woodysears@

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