Tactical Planning
How to Engage the Market, Pull the Trigger, and Hit your Targets
In the following chapters, you will learn how to read the subtle clues your chart may be giving you. Is the market maintaining its confidence or are some of the traders jumping ship? This is important, because it may be a bull market, but are there as many bulls as there used to be? Candlesticks and oscillators can be good sources of market intelligence.
Then there are the times when trend, speed, or momentum are meaningless. The market is moving on emotion more than intellect. This only occurs after important news events, which happen virtually every day. This type of trade needs its own short-term methodology if you are going to survive. I’ll take you through it step by step.
In Part Four, you will learn:
• How to read individual candlesticks.
• How to interpret candlestick patterns.
• How to stay in your winning trades.
• How to mix trend, oscillators, and candles.
• How price action naturally cycles.
• How to trade within a range.
• How to spot trend exhaustion.
• How to see signs of reversals.
• Where to expect trend reversals.
• When to expect trend reversals.
• How to recognize trend extensions.
• How to set up for a news trade.
• How to adjust news trade risk tolerance.
• How to trade news pullbacks.
• How to trade news breakouts.

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