Chapter 2The Garden

Mr. Erwin sat on his front porch with his crutches by his side. His ankle was feeling better, but he still couldn't walk on it. His wife used to tell him all the time to watch his step. His weak ankles always seemed to find the one hole, uneven road, or short step that would cause his ankle to turn. He sure did miss her. Cancer might have taken her life, but her love still lived deeply in his heart and he thought about her every day. She loved to garden in the backyard and after she passed, he decided to make it his passion. It became a labor of love and an expression of his love for her.

When the twins arrived in front of his house, he greeted them.

“Hey Mr. Erwin,” said Kay. “Where have you been? We missed seeing you last week.”

“Oh, I've been icing and trying to heal my ankle,” he said as he got up from his chair, grabbed his crutches, and hopped down the stairs on one leg towards them. “Sprained it the other day walking out of the store. Haven't been able to work in my garden either and I was wondering if you two could help me real quick. I know you have to get to school but it will only take a few minutes.”

Jay and Kay looked at each other. “Sure, we can help,” Jay said. “What do you want us to do?”

“Follow me,” said Mr. Erwin as he used both crutches to propel himself towards the backyard. “I just need you to unwind the watering hose and move it to the center of the backyard so I can water my trees.”

As they approached the backyard, Jay and Kay stopped ...

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