Chapter 14The 8th D

After high school graduation, before Mr. Erwin took his summer trip to the mountains, the twins arrived at his house with their older brother. Damon had just gotten out of rehab. It was his second time there because he had started using drugs again after his first visit. The twins wanted him to meet Mr. Erwin and found him in the backyard.

“Hey Mr. Erwin,” said Kay. “We want you to meet our older brother, Damon.”

Mr. Erwin put the watering hose down and reached out and shook Damon's hand and said hello. He looked into his eyes and could tell he had been fighting a losing battle for a while.

“Do you want me to tell him about the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden?” he asked, expecting Jay and Kay to say yes.

“Actually, we already told him the story,” said Kay.

“And we told him about the Five D's,” said Jay.

“We brought him here because we wanted to thank you for teaching us, so that way we could teach him,” said Kay. “It's helping him a lot.”

“It is,” said Damon. “It's very eye opening. Now I know why I've been losing the battle. And I'm grateful I now have a plan to win. Who would have thought my younger brother and sister would have the answers I needed?”

“It's the answers we all need,” said Mr. Erwin.

“Yeah, that's also why we are here,” said Kay. “We believe everyone needs to learn what you taught us, so we decided there needed to be an eighth D.”

“What's the eighth D?” asked Mr. Erwin curiously.

“It's Disciple,” said Jay. “Once you learn about the Five ...

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