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The Google+ Guide: Circles, Photos, Hangouts, and More

Book Description

Google+ brings together the best of social networking services and lets you share ideas, photos, and links with your friends, your acquaintances, your family—even your fantasy league or book group—with control over what you share and who you share it with. In this essential handbook to Google+, author Scott McNulty shows you how to set up circles, follow streams, join hangouts, and share photos. You learn how to:

  • Set up your profile.

  • Create and manage your circles.

  • Share links, photos, video—even your location (or not).

  • Take control of your stream, including how to mute and block unwanted posts.

  • Join a hangout or start one yourself.

  • Share notes, Google Docs, and your screen in a hangout.

  • Upload photos and create and manage albums.

  • Go mobile with Google+ apps for iOS and Android.

  • To keep up with Google’s constantly changing social site, check out www.peachpit.com/googleplusguide for news on updates to Google+.