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The Government Manager's Guide to Project Management

Book Description

This realistic cross-section of the project management discipline in the federal arena will help anyone leading, working on, or affecting the direction of a project team. It covers the entire scope of project management from organization to methodology, technology to leadership. This volume focuses on the three project management organizational dimensions of culture, systems, and structure. Federal practices and successes in the areas of communication, project leadership, stakeholders, and key competencies are highlighted. The book offers clear and practical advice drawn from a variety of project management successes in the federal arena.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  8. CHAPTER 1 The Evolution of Federal Project Management
    1. Projects in the Federal Sector
    2. The Evolution of Project Management in the Federal Government
    3. Project Management in Government Today
    4. Who’s Who in Federal Project Management
    5. Challenges Ahead for Project Management in the Federal Government
  9. CHAPTER 2 Fitting Project Management into the Organization
    1. Culture
    2. Systems
    3. Structure
  10. CHAPTER 3 Building Strong Teams
    1. Team Types and Structures
    2. Establishing the Project Team
    3. Developing the Project Team
    4. Managing the Project Team
    5. Working with Contractors
    6. Characteristics of Successful Teams
  11. CHAPTER 4 Leveraging Technology for Project Success
    1. Information Technology in the Federal Environment
    2. Assessing Project Needs
    3. Technology Trends in Project Management
  12. CHAPTER 5 The Crucial Role of Communication
    1. The Project Manager’s Role in Communication
    2. Setting the Context
    3. Communication Matrix and Plan
    4. The Role of the Media
    5. Information Access and Security
  13. CHAPTER 6 Leadership and the Project Manager
    1. Leadership in a Project Context
    2. Balancing Leadership and Management
    3. Characteristics and Traits of Project Leaders
    4. Leading and Managing Projects in the Federal Government
    5. The Challenge for Federal Managers
  14. CHAPTER 7 Engaging Stakeholders
    1. Who Are the Stakeholders in Federal Projects?
    2. Managing Stakeholders in a Complex Environment
    3. Conducting a Stakeholder Assessment
  15. CHAPTER 8 Project Management Competencies and Skills
    1. What Are the Critical Skills?
    2. Core Project Management Skills
    3. Communication Skills
    4. Subject Matter Expertise
    5. FAC-P/PM Program
    6. Competency Development
  16. CHAPTER 9 The Federal Project Management Framework
    1. Organizational Governance
    2. Project Portfolio Management
    3. Project Management Methodology
  17. CHAPTER 10 Understanding Project Performance Management
    1. Performance Management in the Federal Government
    2. Improving Project Performance
  18. CHAPTER 11 The Promise of Project Management in the Federal Government
    1. Perspectives on Key Trends and Lessons Learned
    2. The More Things Change
    3. The Outlook for Project Management in the Federal Government
  21. INDEX