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The Green Investing Handbook: A detailed investment guide to the technologies and companies involved in the sustainability revolution

Book Description

There is a huge change taking place as the world moves inexorably towards a low-carbon economy. 'The Green Investing Handbook' is aimed at the investor looking to profit from this global transition. The book provides a detailed overview of the investment opportunities emerging in the companies behind these environmental technologies and services. It covers the standout firms operating in all the key green technology sectors, the trends of each sector and the industry as a whole, as well as the most important or promising green funds, ETFs and private equity funds. The book delivers both demystifying explanations of the intricate technology at the heart of the green revolution, as well as providing comprehensive investment insight. It is designed to help the investor to make better-informed decisions when engaging with these complex, innovative and rapidly growing industries. And it does so whether you are interested in investing through equities, direct investment or funds. The ten sectors covered in depth are: - Solar power - Wind power - Marine energy - Geothermal - Power storage - Smart grids - Hydrogen and fuel cells - Green transport - Green buildings - Waste and energy resources Each chapter breaks down the trends and technology of the relevant sector, as well as its past performance, and looks at key advice and expert opinion on where they are headed. Notable company activity, technological development and government support is detailed throughout. The second half of the handbook is dedicated to a comprehensive directory of over 150 green companies, covering performance snapshots and overviews. The activities of each are featured in turn, with important developments and key features covered. The directory also includes green funds - their size, strategies, charges and managers, and their manager's comments. The details of green private equity firms, ETFs and indices, as well as a bank of resources, round out this one-stop reference section giving you everything you need to start investing in the sustainability revolution.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. Risk warning
  4. About the Author
    1. About this book
    2. How this book is organised
    1. Support of governments in the development of green business
    2. Endnotes
  7. Part One – How To Invest
    1. Ethical vs Green Funds
      1. The rise of the green fund
      2. Green and ethical indices
      3. Green ETFs
      4. Green private equity funds
      5. Endnotes
    2. Building a Green Portfolio
      1. Investing in green companies
      2. Basic green energy glossary
      3. Endnotes
  8. Part Two – Where To Invest
    1. 1. SOLAR POWER
      1. Introduction
      2. Investing in solar power
      3. Companies to watch
      4. Glossary
      5. Endnotes
    2. 2. WIND POWER
      1. Introduction
      2. Growth of the wind power sector
      3. Offshore – the new wind frontier
      4. Investing in wind power
      5. Companies to watch
      6. Endnotes
      1. Introduction
      2. Investing in marine energy
      3. Companies to watch
      4. Endnotes
    4. 4. GEOTHERMAL
      1. Introduction
      2. Growth of the geothermal sector
      3. Investing in geothermal
      4. Companies to watch
      5. Endnotes
      1. Introduction
      2. Investing in power storage
      3. Companies to watch
      4. Glossary
      5. Endnotes
    6. 6. SMART GRIDS
      1. Introduction
      2. Investing in smart grids
      3. Companies to watch
      4. Glossary
      5. Endnotes
      1. Introduction
      2. Investing in fuel cells
      3. Companies to watch
      4. Endnotes
      1. Introduction
      2. Investing in green transport
      3. Companies to watch
      4. Glossary
      5. Endnotes
      1. Introduction
      2. Investing in green buildings
      3. Companies to watch
      4. Endnotes
      1. Introduction
      2. Investing in waste and resource management
      3. Companies to watch
      4. Glossary
      5. Endnotes
  9. Part Three – Directory
      1. Solar power
      2. Wind power
      3. Marine energy
      4. Geothermal
      5. Power storage
      6. Smart grids
      7. Hydrogen & fuel cells
      8. Green transport
      9. Green buildings
      10. Waste & energy resources
    2. 2. GREEN FUNDS
      1. Allianz RCM Global EcoTrends Fund
      2. BlackRock New Energy Investment Trust
      3. CIS Sustainable Leaders Trust
      4. CIS Sustainable World Trust
      5. First State Asia Pacific Sustainability Fund
      6. F&C Global Climate Change Opportunities
      7. Guinness Alternative Energy Fund
      8. Henderson Industries of the Future
      9. HSBC Global Climate Change Fund
      10. Impax Asian Environmental Markets
      11. Impax Environmental Leaders Fund
      12. Impax Environmental Markets
      13. IM WHEB Sustainability Fund
      14. Jupiter Ecology Fund
      15. Schroders Global Climate Change Fund
      1. London
      2. United States
      3. Germany
      4. South Africa
      5. Brazil
      6. Australia
    4. Green ETFs
      1. Imperial Innovations
      2. Low Carbon Accelerator
      3. Ludgate Environmental Fund
      4. Oxford Capital
      5. Specialist Energy Group
      6. Triodos Renewable Energy Funds
      7. Ventus
  10. Part Four – Resources
    1. Online trading
      1. Online trading platforms
      2. Fund supermarkets
    2. Cleantech news sources
    3. Green business information services
      1. Bloomberg New Energy Finance
      2. Cleantech Investor
      3. Environmental Finance
    4. Financial information services
      1. Trustnet
      2. Other useful finance websites
    5. Green and ethical information services
      1. Ethical Investment Research and Information Service (EIRIS)
      2. Ethical Investment Association (EIA)
      3. UK Social Investment Forum (UKSIF)
    6. Green and ethical financial advisors
      1. Barchester Green
      2. Ethical Financial Planning
      3. The Ethical Investors Group
      4. The Ethical Partnership
      5. The Gaeia Partnership
      6. Holden & Partners
    7. Green and ethical banks
      1. The Co-operative Bank
      2. Ecology Building Society
      3. Triodos Bank
    8. Additional resources
      1. General
      2. Australia
      3. UK
      4. USA
      5. Geothermal power
      6. Heat pumps
      7. Hydrogen and fuel cells
      8. Marine and tidal
      9. Power storage
      10. Solar power
      11. Wind Power
      12. Waste management
    9. Magazines and newsletters
    10. Research and consultancy