19A professional’s tips on the trade

  • A dollar bill is 6 inches long. (NICE TO KNOW)
  • Always carry earplugs in your personal bag. (NICE TO KNOW)
  • Always wear your safety goggles when drilling. (SAFETY PRACTICES)
  • An average credit card is 3-3/8 in. long and 2-1/4 in. wide. You now have a second measuring device in your pocket. (NICE TO KNOW)
  • Answer all requests made over the radio by repeating what is needed. For example, suppose the key grip calls out, “Give me a baby plate, a C-stand arm, and a postage stamp single.” You should then reply, “One baby plate, a C-stand arm and head, and a 10 × 12 open-ended single. Roger. Flying in.” BUT, don’t become annoying. After a short time a simply copy is ok. You have to judge when the time is correct. (NICE ...

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