Chapter 10

System Design Considerations


System Technical Data

USG leads the industry in developing high-performance systems to meet specialized requirements for modern building design and in documenting their performance at recognized testing laboratories. These systems provide fire resistance, sound control, structural capacity and aesthetics. All are constructed of quality products and released only after thorough testing and field trial.

In most instances, fire resistance and often sound attenuation performance applies equally to systems constructed with gypsum panels and gypsum bases. Gypsum base with veneer plaster finish provides an acceptable alternative to gypsum panels. Therefore, the term “gypsum board” is used throughout this chapter to refer to both types of products. Only where performance differs greatly are the products treated separately.

Structural Criteria

Design of any structure must take into account the kinds of conditions that will exist and the resulting stresses and movements. Load-bearing walls include the exterior walls of a building, as well as some interior walls. These structures must be designed to carry the weight of the structure, its components and other loads that occur once the building is occupied.

The amount of axial load that structural members can bear will vary with the amount of lateral load (pressure from wind or other horizontal stresses) ...

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