Later in the week, Harold pinged me via IM. I was finishing up a meeting with a client.

Harold: Coach, you there?

Info-Coach: Hi. On phone-Give me 2 mins.

Two minutes later…

Info-Coach: Okay, I’m back. Hey – You learned how to IM. Congrats!

Harold: Thanks. I’m waiting for the sales team meeting to start. I didn’t want this conversation to be overheard, so I’m using IM.

Info-Coach: I’m impressed, perfect application for IM. What’s up?

Harold: This is the HR-Sales meeting. Remember, the sales team sends those vague, confusing emails from their PDAs.

Info-Coach: Yes. I remember.

Harold: I’m a bit nervous. I asked for time on the agenda to discuss email and Dave Anderson was pretty skeptical. He cut the agenda time I reserved ...

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