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The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications

Book Description

The Definitive Guide to PR and Communications—updated with the newest social media and brand-reputation tools and techniques

The most authoritative, comprehensive resource of its kind, The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications, Second Edition, is a gathering of 70 of the brightest, most influential figures in the field. It includes 27 new chapters as well as 44 new authors addressing the major changes in the field since the last edition: the use of social media in business, demanding and growing stakeholder relationships and a new era of openness and transparency to protect reputations and brands and to prevent crises.

Providing best practices for 28 key industries, the handbook is conveniently organized into thematic sections:

Introduction to Public Relations and Integrated Communications— research, history, law and ethics

Stakeholder Leadership in Public Relations—crisis management, employees, investors, consumers, press, corporate philanthropy and digital communities

Current and Continuing Issues in Public Relations—business sustainability, environmental communications, and reputation and brand management

Industries and Organizations: Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business—automotive, aviation, insurance, hospitality, healthcare, consulting, financial, food, law and energy

Each section highlights specific case studies and examples to illuminate exactly how to plan and execute different methods for optimum results. The book concludes with a section on the future of the industry—developing issues, trends and roles of public relations and integrated communications.

Use The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications to position your company, your brand and yourself for success for many years to come.

Praise for The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications

“The second edition of the Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications is very impressive in its coverage of trends, tools, industries, and challenges. Every marketer needs to have a copy.”

—Philip Kotler, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, author of Marketing 3.0M

”The massively updated Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications is the go to source for an overview of the fast changing field of PR and the central role it plays in marketing. An easy to read mélange of case studies from a wide variety of industries, commentaries on trends in the field, and insights on the links between theory and practice, it guides the reader through an increasingly complex—and ubiquitous—discipline.”

—Jerry Swerling, Professor and Director of Public Relations Studies, and Director of Strategic Communication, PR Center, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California

”The Handbook is a fresh look at strategic public relations with great insights from top public relations professionals. Invaluable advice and a must read for all PR practitioners.”

—Jane Ostrander, Vice President, Global Communications, Tenneco

”Few writers, and even fewer thinkers, in the world of public relations have the breadth and depth of experience shown by Clarke Caywood. The Second Edition of his Handbook of Strategic Public Relations demonstrates that range of experience in exquisite detail. Assembled here you’ll find the finest minds and biggest names in the profession. No PR practitioner or student of the art can afford to be without this superb collection.”

—James S. O'Rourke, IV, Ph.D., Teaching Professor of Management, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame

“A must-read that gives an ever greater importance to the human person as a stakeholder, and the object for which an organization is driven to do good, as a cornerstone for profitability.”

— Jerry G. Kliatchko, Ph.D., Dean, School of Communication, University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), Manila, Philippines

”How can companies survive in the era of global competition? This book offers valuable clues from the perspective of managing a successful relationship with its stakeholders.”

—Kimihiko Kondo, Dean and Professor of Marketing, Graduate School of Business, Otaru University of Commerce, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan

”Caywood’s stakeholder approach distinguishes PR from other management fields. His book fully covers the stakeholder challenge across industries.”

—Debbie Treise, Ph.D., Professor/Associate Dean Graduate Studies, College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida

"This second edition will certainly provide readers with an advanced understanding of public relations in a rapidly changing IMC environment."

—Dean M Krugman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Advertising and Public Relations, University of Georgia

"Clarke Caywood's PR Handbook provides invaluable counsel on every major issue facing today's public relations practitioner. Non-PR executives also will gain important communication insights from 70 of the greatest minds in public relations.”

—Ron Culp, Public Relations Consultant and Director, MA Program in Public Relations and Advertising, DePaul University

”In this 21st Century age of Integrated Marketing Communications, Dr. Clarke Caywood has compiled the blueprint on how to approach Public Relations in these contemporary times.”

—J.P. James, Senior Partner, Engagement Marketing, MEC & Assistant Adjunct Professor, CUNY Hunter College and New York University

”Our function’s number-one objective is develop and successfully execute communications strategies that help our companies and organizations win in the marketplace, and Clarke Caywood’s Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications provides students of our profession the best in real-world thinking and successful execution.”

—Jim Spangler, Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, Navistar, Inc.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Foreword
  7. Part 1 Introduction to Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications
    1. Chapter 1 Twenty-First Century Public Relations: The Strategic Stages of Integrated Marketing Communications
    2. Chapter 2 Communications Research: Foundational Methods
    3. Chapter 3 Communications Research: Dynamic Digital Methods
    4. Chapter 4 Public Relations Law
    5. Chapter 5 A Brief History of Public Relations: The Unseen Power
    6. Chapter 6 Ethics: Grounding the Promotional Strategies of China’s Tobacco Industry in Ethics
  8. Part 2 Stakeholder Leadership in Public Relations
    1. Chapter 7 The Stakeholder Concept: Empowering Public Relations
    2. Chapter 8 The Key Stakeholders: Your Employees
    3. Chapter 9 Consumer Insight in a Digital Age
    4. Chapter 10 Marketing Public Relations: Cementing the Brand
    5. Chapter 11 Investor Relations for Shareholder Value: Communicating with the Market
    6. Chapter 12 Mergers and Acquisitions: Communications Between the Lines
    7. Chapter 13 Charities and Corporate Philanthropy: Giving Back
    8. Chapter 14 Government Public Information: Portal to the Public
    9. Chapter 15 Broadcast Media as Broadcast Public Relations
    10. Chapter 16 Digital Communities: Social Media in Action
    11. Chapter 17 Global Media Relations: Traditional through 2.0
    12. Chapter 18 Nongovernmental Organizations: Solving Society’s Problems
    13. Chapter 19 Associations: A Strong Voice
    14. Chapter 20 Agencies: Managing a Global Communications Firm
    15. Chapter 21 Issues Management Methods for Reputational Management
    16. Chapter 22 State and Local Government Relations: Guiding Principles
    17. Chapter 23 Corporate Governance: Operating as an Open Book
    18. Chapter 24 Career Paths in Public Relations
    19. Chapter 25 The Chief Executive Officer: The Key Spokesperson
    20. Chapter 26 Crisis Communications: Brand New Channels, Same Old Static
  9. Part 3 Current and Continuing Issues in Public Relations
    1. Chapter 27 Sustainability for Business: A New Global Challenge
    2. Chapter 28 Environmental Communication: A Matter of Relationships, Trust and Planning
    3. Chapter 29 Relationship Transformation: Shifting Media Boundaries
    4. Chapter 30 Reputation Management: Building and Maintaining Reputation through Communications
  10. Part 4 Industries and Organizations
    1. Chapter 31 The Automotive Industry: A Race to the Future
    2. Chapter 32 The Aviation Industry and Civil Aviation: Flying High for Business
    3. Chapter 33 The Insurance Industry: Reputation Management in Good Hands
    4. Chapter 34 The Hospitality Industry: Communicating with Our Guests
    5. Chapter 35 Sports Marketing: Champion Communicators
    6. Chapter 36 Effective Technology Communications: Innovation that Matters
    7. Chapter 37 The Entertainment Business: Lights, Cameras, Promotion
    8. Chapter 38 Health Care: Harmonizing the Healthcare Message
    9. Chapter 39 The Global Restaurant Industry: Communications Strategies
    10. Chapter 40 The Retail Industry: Not Your Father’s Drugstore
    11. Chapter 41 The Pharmaceutical Industry: From Promotion to Constituency Relations
    12. Chapter 42 Consulting, Technology Services and Outsourcing: An Integrated Approach to Marketing and Communications
    13. Chapter 43 The Financial and Banking Industry: Investing in Our Stakeholders
    14. Chapter 44 The Food and Beverage Industry: Catering to People’s Palates
    15. Chapter 45 The Oil and Natural Gas Industry: Communicating in a Challenging Environment
    16. Chapter 46 Internal and External Communications in a Law Firm
  11. Part 5 Practical Skills and Knowledge
    1. Chapter 47 Changing Your Own Behavior to Enhance Behavioral Results
    2. Chapter 48 Creativity: Powering Integrated Marketing Communications Ideas
    3. Chapter 49 Writing for the Ear: The Challenge of Effective Speechwriting
    4. Chapter 50 Writing for Your Audience Matters More Than Ever
    5. Chapter 51 Storytelling: All Stories are True
    6. Chapter 52 Branded Content Strategy: Meaningful Stakeholder Interaction
    7. Chapter 53 Immersive 3-D Virtual Worlds: Avatars at Work
    8. Chapter 54 Global Public Relations Networks: The Efficacy and Role of Membership Organizations in Public Relations
  12. Part 6 Conclusion
    1. Chapter 55 The Future of Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications
  13. Contributors
  14. Index