Chapter Three

Treasury Culture

THE CONCEPT OF TREASURY CULTURE as introduced in this book is a thought and action process essential to the path of Treasury Leadership. It involves creating the right mind-set and environment for the employees of the Treasury function to work together and with other functions to produce best possible results and service standards. Practically, doing this includes equipping the employees with the right knowledge, skills, tools, empowerment, atmosphere, and attitude to generate best results.

A good Treasury Culture can explain the difference between two high-performance treasuries: one, a high-speed, cutting-edge, and efficient Treasury where motivated employees make everything appear smooth and well-oiled, with zero defects, prompt service and turnarounds to other functions, and a fun environment at work, where a Treasury role is sought after; the other, a good well-organised Treasury where employees are stretched and work overtime under intense pressure to deliver the same results, where Treasury is perceived to be a silo support function that burns the midnight oil.

The steps to initiate and develop a Treasury Culture are relatively simple, and a few key qualities and skills inculcated into the Treasury team over the course of the development process. This is done through example, top down, through the actions and the approach of the Treasurer him- or herself, and through training, simulation, and coaching. Figure 3.1 summarises the different elements ...

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