Chapter Twenty Nine

Operations and Control Checklist

THE IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF OPERATIONS and control have been covered earlier. In this chapter, we discuss some of the key processes consolidated across all aspects of the Treasury function and provide an important checklist of items that need to be factored in as a step towards a more efficient, tighter, smoother operations process. A checklist for some of the key controls in the Treasury process is also provided online in the accompanying website.

Organisations may use this checklist as a basic core to build their checks, processes, and balances.


The processes of Treasury across various functions are classified in Figure 29.1.

FIGURE 29.1 Treasury Processes


A detailed list of Treasury processes is provided in Appendix F. This is a generic list of processes and can vary from firm to firm. An attempt has been made to distinguish by activity, and each of these processes will have inputs from some other process and can hand off to another process. It is important to draw out process maps for each of these processes and to document and ensure that the handoffs are appropriately controlled and fed.


The objective of a control is to ensure that the processes, procedures, systems, and policies that have been designed and implemented are being followed in letter and spirit and to determine if ...

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