Chapter Thirty One

Building and Sustaining a Treasury Culture

IN PART ONE WE DISCUSSED how building and sustaining a Treasury Culture is a part of building Treasury Leadership (see Figure 31.1).

FIGURE 31.1 Treasury Culture


In this chapter, we examine how to integrate Treasury Culture into the company’s human resources (HR) cycle and some parameters for the critical aspects of development and evaluation (Figure 31.2).

FIGURE 31.2 Integration of Treasury Culture into a Firm’s HR Cycle


The Treasury Culture can be a key criterion when looking for potential Treasury recruits. Young raw talent with the right approach need to be screened for essential Treasury Culture qualities, while experienced personnel need to be evaluated in addition for basic and technical skills of Treasury Culture, apart from job skills.

Training and development is a crucial element in the HR cycle. Companies often focus their training and development dollars on specific job requirements. Simulation-based training (see note) has become an increasingly popular method to impart and test job-related knowledge.

In addition, managerial time and effort should be invested in mentoring and planning job rotations, and training budgets should focus on general and technical skill-based training apart from simulation-based ...

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