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The Handbook of International Advertising Research

Book Description

This timely handbook brings academic excellence to international advertising research in the form of 28 contributions from over 40 leading scholars. The handbook's comprehensive treatment highlights existing knowledge, reports major findings across the subject, and recommends directions and agendas for future research.

  • Fills the existing gap between the rapid growth in scholarly research on international advertising and the pressing need for more high-quality research in the area

  • Covers 28 major areas in international advertising research, with contributions from more than 40 international advertising scholars based in over 10 countries or territories

  • Comprehensive treatment includes the history of international advertising, audiences and media, strategy and execution, content effects, regulation, ethics, and advertising education

  • Highlights existing knowledge in international advertising, reports major findings on a broad range of topics, and offers expert recommendations on directions for future research

  • Contributors represent the most highly respected academics among international advertising researchers

  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Handbooks in Communication and Media
    3. Title page
    4. Copyright page
    5. Dedication
    6. List of Figures
    7. List of Tables
    8. Notes on Editor and Contributors
    9. Preface
      1. Note
      2. References
    10. Part I Historical and Methodological Underpinnings
      1. 1 International Advertising Research
        1. Introduction
        2. International Advertising Practice and Knowledge
        3. The Support of International Advertising Research by Industry Organizations
        4. The Influence of Educator Organizations on International Advertising Research
        5. Academic Research Contributions to Knowledge of International Advertising
        6. Past Research Suggests Needed Future Research
        7. Summary and Conclusions
        8. References
      2. 2 Research Methods for International Advertising Studies
        1. Introduction
        2. Issues of Conceptualization
        3. Methodological and Analytical Issues
        4. Conclusion
        5. References
    11. Part II International Advertising Industry
      1. 3 The Economic Effects of Advertising
        1. Introduction
        2. Basic Concepts
        3. The Influence of Advertising on Consumer Prices
        4. Macroeconomic Effect of Advertising
        5. A Summary of How Much Advertising Works
        6. Pointers for International Research
        7. Striking a Balance
        8. References
      2. 4 Research on Transnational Advertising Agencies
        1. Introduction
        2. Overview of TNAAs and Their Major/Emerging Markets
        3. State of Research on Transnational Advertising Agencies
        4. Conclusion
        5. References
      3. 5 Account Planning
        1. Introduction
        2. Current State of Planning-related Research
        3. Future Research Directions
        4. References
      4. 6 The State of Research on Media Planning, Buying, and Selling
        1. Introduction1
        2. Issues in Media Planning Research
        3. Approaches to Media Planning Research
        4. Conclusion
        5. References
    12. Part III International Advertising Audience and Media
      1. 7 International and Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior
        1. Introduction
        2. Topics from Consumer Behavior Theory
        3. Cultural Models Applied to Advertising Research
        4. The Hofstede Dimensional Model of National Culture
        5. Applying Cultural Models to Consumer Behavior and International Advertising
        6. Implications of Varying Concepts of Self and Personality for Global Branding and Advertising
        7. Social Processes: Motivation and Emotion
        8. The Implications of Varying Mental Processes for International Advertising
        9. Culture and Communication
        10. Conclusion
        11. Notes
        12. References
      2. 8 Magazines and International Advertising
        1. Magazines as Global Media
        2. Magazine Advertising and Culture
        3. Theories and Methods That Guide International Magazine Advertising Research
        4. International Magazine Advertising and Gender Studies
        5. Conclusion and Direction for Future Research
        6. References
      3. 9 New Media and International Advertising
        1. Introduction
        2. A Review and Critique of International Advertising Research
        3. Conclusion: The Future of Research in International Advertising on New Media
        4. References
      4. 10 Viral Advertising
        1. Introduction
        2. Viral Marketing versus Viral Advertising
        3. Viral Advertising: A Definition
        4. Historical Background
        5. Past Scholarship and Future Directions on Viral Advertising
        6. Conclusion
        7. References
    13. Part IV International Advertising Creativity and Strategy
      1. 11 International Advertising Creativity
        1. Introduction
        2. Review of Existing Theories, Methods, and Movements
        3. Major Trends and Future Directions in International Creativity Research
        4. References
      2. 12 Visual Rhetoric and International Advertising
        1. Introduction
        2. Theories of Visual Rhetoric
        3. Applying Visual Rhetoric Theory in an International Advertising Context
        4. Cross-Market Segments and Polysemy
        5. Unified Global Brand Identity through Visual Rhetoric
        6. Summary and Conclusion
        7. References
      3. 13 International Advertising Strategy
        1. A Polarizing Debate: Standardization versus Adaptation
        2. Major Themes and Trends
        3. Future Research Paths to Follow
        4. References
    14. Part V International Advertising Content
      1. 14 Cultural Messages in International Advertisements
        1. Introduction
        2. Consumer Values and Advertising Content
        3. Cultural Messages (Values, Themes, and Appeals) in International Advertisements
        4. Methods
        5. Cultural Messages in International Advertisements
        6. Research Accomplishments and Challenges in Theory and Methodology
        7. Recommendations for Future Research
        8. Note
        9. References
      2. 15 Gender-Role Portrayals in International Advertising
        1. Introduction
        2. Content-analytic Approaches for Studying Gender Roles in Advertising
        3. Findings from Comparative Content-analytical Studies
        4. Summary of Findings and Outlook
        5. Note
        6. References
    15. Part VI International Advertising Effects
      1. 16 Attention and Memory Effects of Advertising in an International Context
        1. Introduction
        2. How Advertising Attention and Memory Effects Are Measured
        3. Advertising Effects on Attention and Memory
        4. Memory Effects in Cross-cultural and International Research
        5. Discussion, Conclusion, and Research Agenda
        6. References
      2. 17 A Close Look at Research on Sex Appeal Advertising
        1. Introduction
        2. Sex Appeal Advertising
        3. Sex Appeal in a Global Context
        4. Future Research Agenda
        5. Summary
        6. References
      3. 18 Celebrity Endorsement and International Advertising
        1. Introduction
        2. Celebrity and Celebrity Endorsement
        3. Theoretical Explanations of Celebrity Endorsement
        4. Cultural Factors in Celebrity Endorsement
        5. The Practice of Celebrity Endorsement
        6. The Risks of Celebrity Endorsement
        7. Summary and Suggestions for Future Research
        8. References
      4. 19 International Branding
        1. Introduction
        2. Literature Review: Research Domains
        3. Discussion: Shifts and Challenges
        4. References
    16. Part VII International Advertising Law, Regulation, and Ethics
      1. 20 International Advertising Law and Regulation
        1. Introduction
        2. Conceptual Model of Advertising Law
        3. Level of Consumer Protection
        4. Deceptive Advertising
        5. Unfair or Aggressive Advertising
        6. Conclusions and Directions for Future Research
        7. References
      2. 21 International Research on Advertising and Children
        1. Introduction
        2. Importance of Research on Advertising and Children: An International Perspective
        3. Background Information about China
        4. Theoretical Framework
        5. A Study of Advertising and Children in China
        6. Recent Trends in Research on Advertising and Children
        7. Conclusion
        8. References
      3. 22 Social Responsibility in International Advertising
        1. Corporate Social Responsibility: An Overview
        2. Cause-Related Marketing
        3. Cause Promotion or Cause Sponsorship
        4. Green Marketing
        5. Major Trends and Issues
        6. Future Directions for Research
        7. Concluding Remarks
        8. Note
        9. References
    17. Part VIII Beyond International Commercial Advertising
      1. 23 Integrated Marketing Communication Research
        1. Introduction
        2. Existing Research – Where IMC Has Been
        3. A Summary and Some Preliminary Suggestions
        4. Consolidating What We Know to Provide a Way Forward
        5. Some Concluding Thoughts
        6. References
      2. 24 Sibling Rivalry
        1. Introduction
        2. Defining Public Relations
        3. Four Decades of Public Relations Research
        4. The Growth of International Public Relations Research
        5. DeSanto Strategic Communication Model
        6. Public Relations’ Relationship to Advertising and Marketing
        7. Professional Public Relations Resources
        8. The Future: Personal and Wired, Integrated and Unique, Global and Local
        9. References
      3. 25 Now Starring Brand X
        1. Introduction
        2. Existing Knowledge and Trends in Research on Product Placement
        3. Discussion and Future Research
        4. Conclusion
        5. References
      4. 26 International Sponsorship Research
        1. Introduction
        2. Sponsorship Objectives
        3. How Sponsorship Works
        4. Conclusions
        5. References
      5. 27 Political Advertising in International Comparison
        1. Introduction
        2. The Regulation of Political Advertising1
        3. Scholarly Research on Political Advertising in the International Arena
        4. Conclusion and Suggestions for Future Research
        5. Notes
        6. References
      6. 28 International Advertising Education
        1. Introduction
        2. Accreditation
        3. History of International Advertising Education
        4. Curriculum
        5. Pedagogy
        6. Conclusions and Future Directions
        7. References
    18. Name Index
    19. Subject Index