The Happiness Choice: The Five Decisions That Will Take You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Book Description

Discover the path to a happy life, from a woman who overcame the odds and achieved a joyful life

Author Marilyn Tam takes what she learned from being an unwanted, neglected, and abused child in Hong Kong to become an international business success and humanitarian who is happy, healthy, and at peace with herself. In The Happiness Choice, she teaches readers how to live the life of their dreams. This book reveals the principles, tools, and philosophies she has used to achieve a balanced, healthy, and joyful life. People want contentment, love, and happiness from meaningful work, personal relationships, healthy mind and body, a spiritual core, and a reason for living. Tam details a path to get you there.

  • Offers overall perspective, inspiration, and support to help people achieve their dreams

  • Packed with personal stories and advice from Tam, celebrated entrepreneur and sought-after speaker and consultant, working globally with Fortune 500 companies, governments, and non-profit organizations

The Happiness Choice, is filled with stories, tips, and insights on how anyone can live the life they've dreamed of living—a happy, healthy, successful, and dynamically balanced life.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Praise for The Happiness Choice
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Foreword: Looking for Happiness in All the Right Places
  6. Preface
  7. Introduction
  8. Chapter 1: This is not the Life I thought I was Living
  9. Chapter 2: Upturn, Downturn, Your Turn
  10. Chapter 3: Life Purpose—Yours
    1. The Four Stages in Life
    2. Sudden and Unexpected Changes
    3. Following Your Life Purpose
    4. Life Purpose, Health, and Happiness
    5. The Life Purpose Exercise Process
    6. Summary of the Life Purpose Process
  11. Chapter 4: One Step at a Time
    1. Quality of Life Quiz
    2. Summary of the Journaling Process
  12. Chapter 5: Money and Other Means of Exchange
    1. How to Make Money
    2. Money and Your Life Mission
    3. “Money Doesn't Talk, It Swears”
    4. Time and Money
  13. Chapter 6: Relationships
    1. Your Relationship with Yourself
    2. Nurturing Your Relationships
    3. How to Nurture Your Relationships
    4. Wabi-Sabi Love
    5. Uncoupling
    6. Further Thoughts on Relationships
    7. Gratitude
  14. Chapter 7: Spirit
    1. The Felt Sense
    2. The Three Pillars of Chinese Wisdom
    3. Spiritual Awakening
  15. Chapter 8: Your Body
    1. Moods, Stress, and Health
    2. Diet, Exercise, Mind, and Health
    3. Diet and Health
    4. Antiaging, Longevity, and Health
    5. The Body's Filtering Systems
    6. Adrenal Glands and Stress
    7. Thyroid and Health
    8. Dental Fillings and Health
    9. Reflections
  16. Chapter 9: Your Community
    1. Making Community, Making Money
    2. Creating New Communities
    3. Vitamin Angels
    4. Another Kind of Global Community
    5. One Small Person
    6. An Uprising of Wellness
  17. Chapter 10: Next Steps
  18. Support Resources
  19. Suggested Study Guide Questions
  20. Acknowledgments
  21. Index

Product Information

  • Title: The Happiness Choice: The Five Decisions That Will Take You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
  • Author(s): Marilyn Tam
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118526705