One Step at a Time

One step at a time is good walking.

—Chinese proverb

You're ready to do something about the overload and stress in your life; the question is where do you start?

There may be more than one aspect of your life causing you discomfort and anxiety—this is common in today's taxing world. Oftentimes, the sore points are related to each other and aggravating other areas of your life. Whew, what does this mean? It just means that you are human and living in our modern hyperspeed world—just recognizing and acknowledging the situation is a step toward improving it.

Many years ago when I was vice president of Nike, I lived in Lake Oswego, Oregon, while my husband stayed in Southern California for his work. Both of our jobs were exciting, very taxing, and could suck up all the time there was in each day and more. After nine months of long-distance commuting, we were both tired and cranky when we saw each other. Our visions of enjoying our precious time together went out the window soon after we reunited because we were both worn out from the stress of working long, pressure-filled days. Packing up and flying during the little free time we had to see each other and then having to pack up again after a day made our times together less than relaxing. We argued over petty little things and felt unappreciated by each other. It seemed that our relationship was breaking down. ...

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