Other Books by Jon Gordon

The Energy Bus


A man whose life and career are in shambles learns from a unique bus driver and set of passengers how to overcome adversity. Enjoy this enlightening ride of positive energy that is improving the way leaders lead, employees work, and teams function.


The Energy Bus for Kids


This illustrated children's adaptation of the bestselling book The Energy Bus tells the story of George, who, with the help of his school bus driver Joy, learns that if he believes in himself, he'll find the strength to overcome any challenge. His journey teaches kids how to overcome negativity, bullies, and everyday challenges to be their best.


The No Complaining Rule


Follow a VP of human resources who must save herself and her company from ruin, and discover proven principles and an actionable plan to win the battle against individual and organizational negativity.


Training Camp


This inspirational story about a small guy with a big heart and a special coach who guides him on a quest for ...

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